Graphics bug in simulator?


I was just trying to port Arcade Classics to the latest version of the simulator, and I found some odd graphical issues. No code of mine has changed between the before and after.


What’s going on, and more importantly, how can I fix it?


My_settings.h is now the place where the screen mode is defined (not in project build settings)

This is due to compatibility with mbed online IDE

Check that you have

#define proj_hires 0

in my_settings.h

then complete rebuild


@epicdude312 are you OK now? Got it to work ?


Nope, still having the same problem. Should I redownload the simulator? Everything’s working for my local instance of Blocky World, but that might be because I’m using directBitmap.


Your problem is that your program is running in the hi-res mode, it is nothing serious.

We need to get that turned off. Its a bit difficult because I do not know / can not see your project at all. This is why keeping your code on Github is such a good idea



In case you copied the “Hello World” example, there was still PROJ_HIRES defined inside the project build options / defines tab

I removed it and updated the repository

@epicdude312, try again now please