Goedemiddag from the Netherlands!

(Goedemiddag = ‘good afternoon’ in Dutch)

Hi everyone,

Maurits from the Netherlands, here, I think I got one of the last early birds kits. :smiley:

I am an electronics and programming (C/ObjC, Python, Haskell, JS) enthusiast, looking for a nice hobby project that can also inspire my kids to start learning: Pokitto looks like just the thing! Pokitto is already making me learn, since I just figured out I will have to start looking at my old (unused) copy of Bjarne Stroustrup’s C++ again…

By day I work as an intellectual property (IP) and IT lawyer, and I teach IP for scientists and engineers at the technical university of Delft. Very interested in learning more about the (F)OSS software and hardware in this project (legal geek, what can I say :blush: ).

Looking forward to learn and play together here!

Best regards,



Goemede … goedmedev … oh well :grin: Hi Maurits! Welcome to the community!

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Goo the mid ach, that should work when saying it out loud jonne :slight_smile:


Actually, I lived in Delft as a kid (4 yrs old) and as a teenager applied and was accepted to Utrecht School of Arts … but didn’t go :laughing: oh well…


Hey there! Fellow Dutch here. Hello everyone!

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