Getting started project wanted


I installed codeblocks (ubuntu linux) and cloned the simulator github project. I can build an run the linux projects just fine. While I can obviously modify the Hello.cpp this is not the way to go. I never used codeblocks before. Can anyone share how to setup a new project that would have a simulator and a pokitto target. This template should have the simulator as an external dep and could serve as a template for a new project.

Thanks a lot.

hi, so my current development setup always has a copy of the codeblocks sim, its easyer then trying to set up the hole environment, since not all the code has been opensource yet any guide like this will probably be outdated soon.
also the simulator stuff isn’t really meant for distribution of the programs

once opensourced we might see some setups for multiple IDE’s and Makefiles since personally i dont like codeblocks XD

Allright, since we’ll mostly change hello.cpp and upstream is hopefully not touching this too much it is still easy to update things.

Setting up a new project is really easy: go to project->properties->targets, press “duplicate” to clone a project with the right settings. in the same window you can choose which files belong to your target, so that you can have different .cpp files for each project

guide coming, thanks for a good question

Guides will be welcome.
Some well comment code (like the one @jonne wrote here ) will help both learning pokitto and programming. That’s one of the appreciable aspect of this project.
I’d like have a VS Code solution too.