Getting started instructions

Omniva shipping service took me by surprise.

Pokittos were registered into their shipping system on friday, now they have already reached UK and France

I thought I had one more day to update the info on the website … guess not, lol!

Anyhow getting started instructions, i.e. putting games on Pokitto are coming up today


Can’t wait! My Pokitto seems to be trying to talk, but no sound :frowning:

its a test program, i will explain in a video.

time was so tight, i had no time to reprogram the units

Is there an estimate on when shipping will start for the customers in the USA?

I’ll ask Daniel and report back

Stick with them! Christmas came early for me I was surprised as well, never expected to receive my pokitto this fast!

Postman delivered in the rain this morning, the waterproof mailing bag kept everything dry and safe, everything about pokitto exudes attention to details and thoughtfulness. One can really feel the love put into this project.

Thanks @jonne for remembering to pack everything. Can’t wait to find some time to assemble pokitto!