G'Day from Australia

Hi, I am Simon from Melbourne, Australia. Its been three days since my last drink. Sorry wrong forum.

Anyhow, I have ordered my Pokitto this morning and now need to read up on what I have just bought. I have developed a number of games for the Arduboy and I guess my first job is to migrate these to the Pokitto and adding a little flair to them. I am a competent C++ programmer but I can always learn more.

For those of you who are also on the Arduboy forum, I am @filmote there too.

I will get to know many of you over the next few months … until then don’t be put off by the brash Australian way I approach things - its cultural, not personal.


Hello person who I have clearly never met and most certainly didn’t collaborate with on a well known Arduboy game. (Now all we need is monsieur Guichard and the plan will be complete!)

(And they said I’d never sway you to the dark side. :P)

Seriously though, I can’t wait for the influx of games.
You’ll be a Game Mogul in no time.

To start you off:
Here’s the API reference: http://pokitto.com/api/
And here’s the Github page:
And here’s the port of the Arduboy2 lib:
(Not quite up to speed with 5.0.0, but most of your games were written before then anyway.)

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Its good to see that the Pokitto code is actually hosted under a ‘Pokitto’ user ID in GitHub,

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Welcome! I have seen some of your work in Arduboy Mag. Good to have you here also :slight_smile:


Thanks … I hope I can contribute here too!