GB ports, question

I have a question

I’ve perfected the Gamebuino (classic) porting procedure. I just ported the Lander game by Yoda Zhang in less than 10 minutes including making both hw and sim targets, recording video, uploading and pushing to github.

But the lack of comment from the community has me wondering what’s up.

Don’t you want these ports or what? My flat-out intention was to simply port all GB games, then write a similar Python tool for Arduboy games and process them also into Pokitto binaries.

But… is it against your feelings to do so?

Super Cratebuino is my favourite GB game, so I think it’s awesome to see it on the Pokitto. :smiley:
I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, though. I’ve had little free time lately, and what little I did have got taken away when @spinal mentioned the gameboy emulator. :laughing:
During the week I won’t be able to do much coding, but I’ll load up the SD with all the new releases and try them out.

I think they are great! (As long as the original creators are okay with porting the games over). I have enjoyed playing them, especially Super Cratebuino and 101 Starships.

I’m looking forward to seeing more Arduboy games ported as well.


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I like those ports

They are really fun, please keep on adding them :smile:

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Testing results etc. very welcome

I also need to change the direct EEPROM writes to the Pokitto::Cookie system to avoid conflicts.

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As i am a teacher and busy writing certificates before summer holiday, i won’t find much time atm, but i will get back to this.

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My attention is currently taken by the Steam sale, Skyrim and other programming projects.


I’m not enthusiast about this initiative, maybe because I’ve no background on Gamebuino game history and all of this conversion seems rough on Pokitto higher display capabilities.
Also some of those seems “laggy”?
For sure the code is somehow educative.

Small sidenote, the list of games is getting longer and longer wich is really nice but the do not sort themself alphabetically.
They are just added at the bottom of the list.

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Theres a tool for that. I’ll make a howto about it