[Gamedisk]Ready-made SD Game Disk

Only problem I see is that it’s great when viewed in list mode, but in the other mode ( that I prefer ) the folder names are not really easy to go thru…


Are the duplicates (pop+bin) in the arcade folder intentional?

No. Mistake.

@bl_ackrain Kraken loader failing to start after playing Planet Escape. Haven’t found out why

And also not able to repeat problem. Investigating

EDIT: reflashed planet_escape.bin , still will not go into loader

EDIT2: reflashed with crabator.bin, will not go into loader

EDIT3: reflashed with Xploritto.bin … SD card initialization failed. Maybe my SD card just died

EDIT4: confirmed, old legacy PFFS loader can not read the card either. Card is visible on PC, so I do not know what has happened

EDIT5: it seems my dear little 4-yr old has dropped this pokitto too many times (today again, from 1.5 m height to hard floor). The SD card cradle is broken.



I just bought a fresh SD card and will wait for the next gamedisk :wink:


Gamedisk V13 released

  • Comes with new Kraken loader by @bl_ackrain
  • Almost all programs have POP files
  • Games are in folders
  • 67 games
  • utilities, demos and tools, 112 binaries all together

This disk contains the new loader. If you have the old loader, the loader will ask update when you go to browse the disk

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed!

Any errors, bugs, please report



Thank you so much for putting this together!

Wow, thank you!
Do we have a list which games are missing?

@wuuff reporting sd read problems
@Vampirics reporting weird noises

Please confirm others if you come across weird stuff.

Personally had no issues, all games I tried loaded with no problems


The weird issues came after loading my WIP gamejam game Awaken. latest bin here
I noticed it too, but figured it was just my game activating audio and then going back to the loader then had default sounds.


No issues so far over here either.

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I’d like to pool forum feelings about removing WIP projects from game disk.
Release could benefits of higher quality?
Side effects could also be push developers finish their projects.

    • Remove WIP from release.
    • Keep everything.

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As an alternative measure, would it be possible to just make a WIP folder?


When someone assembles a Pokitto for the first time and opens up the loader, it’d be good if they were greeted by games that weren’t WIP.
On the other hand, I like having a single zip with all the games, including ones that I might’ve missed.
I think a WIP folder solves both problems nicely.


I support the WIP folder idea


No problems so far.


Anybody else having trouble opening the loader after flashing Pysconian a micropython game? Might be something on my end, not sure yet.

hope i can try this weekend

No problem.

GAMEDISK V15 is here!

see the first post!


lots of new games released since v13 gamedisk
uses the newest Kraken loader with themes (by @bl_ackrain)

43 Mb !!!