Gamebuino Undergoing Judicial Liquidation

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FRENCH (English below)

Bonjour à tous,

J’ai le regret d’annoncer que la société AADALIE SAS qui porte le projet Gamebuino est en liquidation judiciaire.

C’est décevant de voir un projet aussi prometteur s’arrêter si tôt. Je vous l’accorde. Mais il ne faut pas oublier que des milliers de consoles Made in France ont été vendues à travers le monde, et des centaines de jeux ont été créés. Ça aura été une contribution modeste à révéler les talents du numérique de demain, et à exporter des produits fabriqués avec amour en France.

Malheureusement une malchance comme on en voit rarement a barré le chemin des passions fougueuses et de la pugnacité des contributeurs et de l’équipe. Je n’entrerai pas ici dans le détail. Après plus d’un an de lutte autant acharnée que désespérée, il n’y avait plus d’autre choix que de procéder à la liquidation.

Si vous êtes intéressés pour acquérir les actifs de la société (brevets, marque, site web, fond de commerce, composants, consoles, etc.), contactez-moi pour plus d’informations sur la vente aux enchères à

Si personne ne reprend le projet, il s’éteindra en silence et restera dans nos mémoires.

Merci à tous pour votre confiance et vos contributions,


PS : J’ajoute petit à petit des contenus exclusifs sur mon blog, par exemple la version en kit de la Gamebuino META qui n’a jamais vu le jour. Vous pouvez y faire un tour, et vous y inscrire pour rester au courant de mes futurs projets.
C’est par ici : (en construction)


Hello everyone,

I regret to announce that the company AADALIE SAS, which carries the Gamebuino project, is in judicial liquidation.

It is disappointing to see such a promising project come to a halt so soon. I grant you that. But let’s not forget that thousands of Made in France consoles have been sold throughout the world, and hundreds of games have been created. It will have been a modest contribution to reveal the digital talents of tomorrow, and to export products made with love in France.

Unfortunately, a misfortune like we rarely see has blocked the path of the fiery passions and pugnacity of the contributors and the team. I will not go into detail here. After more than a year of struggle, as hard as it was desperate, there was no other choice but to proceed with the liquidation.

If you are interested in acquiring the company’s assets (patents, trademark, website, goodwill, components, consoles, etc.), contact me for more information on the auction at

If no one takes over the project, it will disappear silently and remain in our memories.

Thank you all for your trust and contributions,


PS: I’m gradually adding exclusive content to my blog, for example the kit version of the Gamebuino META that never saw the light of day. You can check it out, and subscribe to stay up to date with my future projects.
It’s here : (under construction)

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That is a sad story. I always though that the Meta console was overpriced but very nicely crafted. Maybe the raise of cheap Adafruit Python enabled MCU consoles was one of the reasons for the collapse (?). It would also be interesting to know how many devices were sold outside France.


It’s really sad, but the support was totally meh. The forums where a mess for years and no one cared…
No answers on social networks too, spammers everywhere - it is no surprise for me.
But i still like my meta…

I just read it in my mail. I love GB Meta as a console, it’s great. This is sad to me because I am just finishing Anarch, which also runs on Meta. I hope the forums and community will stay so that I can share it.

I never really became part of the GB community tho, it felt like a big business without the warm communication and dedicated core contributors like here at Pokitto. Pokitto kind of feels like a family. Also developing for Meta is kind of a pain, the emulator is very bad and Arduino with its PROGMEM and awful IDE is something that puts me off.

However I still love the piece of hardware that Meta is, I hope its successes and mistakes will help someone with development of future consoles.


That is going to be quite difficult to achieve (legally) unless some company buys the Gamebuino assets (edit: if Aadalie still has outstanding creditors, because brands are considered value). Thats the downside of being a company.

Background: I made the mistake of trademarking Pokitto in person before forming the company Pokitto. That was already a difficult thing to fix.