Gamebuino Meta library - port

Hi all

I noticed Gamebuino Meta library is visible on github

I had a quick peek into the library. Its nicely structured, should be no big issues in porting when the time comes - features like the flashing neopixels can simply be bypassed. And since Pokitto is mbed (and not Arduino) we can’t make games binary compatible (only source compatible). In any case my first analysis is that Pokitto / Gamebuino Meta games will be very close to each other, although Pokitto has a little bit more resolution. If we get a lot more games activity in this way, then its a win-win for both platforms.

Maybe the library is not fully shown (I suspect so) but the graphics part is pretty close to the normal Adafruit TFT library, nothing too fancy. Sound is almost the same structure as in Gamebuino original.

Its an interesting bunch of code you can go and check it out yourself.


Meta have 160*128 screen. We have more pixels on four sides. Neopixels can be implemented at left and right side of screen :smile:


Not to mention the extra display RAM… that’s probably useful for something.

I’m not sure it needs extra buffer. We just need 8 circle or square (maybe rectangle?) with 16bit color. It takes 16 byte and some logic. If screen update function will not update led area, we can use direct writing to this area. I’m not tried yet but it can work.

A lot of time has passed… anyone pursued this yet? I’ve been looking at the API and it looks like could be mapped pretty nicely, it’s really similar. META now has a good number of some real quality games (with FOSS licenses!) we could use. I’d be willing to help.


I took a look at some earlier version. I’ll help as much as I can.

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I’d try it myself, but I don’t have much experience with porting such API and with the details of these platforms, so I’d be glad if someone experienced started it so that we avoid awkward mistakes, and then I could just help fill in some of the functions. Anyway, I’ll try to just look around at how I’d do it, at worst I’ll learn something new.

Hey @drummyfish … shall we do this?

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We can try I guess :slight_smile: