This was my entry for the micropython competition:
You have to defend your planet against aliens by shooting ufos. There are three types of ufos: a big one , a medium one and a small one. In the left upper corner there is some kind of a compass that gives an idea where the current ufo is situated. You have 2 minutes to shoot as many ufos as possible:
d-pad controls your ship
a-button fires the lasers
b-button goes to game over screen
c-button: starts game


Binary: ufo.bin (159.8 KB)
Source code: ufo.zip (60.3 KB)
Link to repository: https://github.com/sbmrgd/ufo

I have made an intro song as wel but I am currently not able to add it to the game. If anyone is interested, you can give it a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/sbmrgd/ufo-intro

I would like to further improve this game:

  • I would like to add some sound effects (as also suggested by @jonne and @hanski during their livestream, allthough technically speaking there is no sound in space :slight_smile: )
  • Obviously Music should be added as well
  • I would like space to be a bit more interesting by maybe adding some nebulas, planets,…
  • I guess it would also be more fun when the ufos would be able to shoot at the players’ ship as well and I would like the ufos to get closer to the player or go away


(but above my skill level)


Took the liberty of resizing and correcting speed of gif

  1. https://ezgif.com/
  2. resize to 440 widht, height auto (use gifsicle resize)
  3. speed 600%


Thanks it looks much better now!


Nice and good atmosphere! It also reminds me of UFO: Enemy Unknown soundtrack. Really nailed it.


Thanks for listening!


i listened too. What software are you using?


I am using FL studio as sequencer: https://www.image-line.com/flstudio/

The synth used is the SQ8L https://www.kvraudio.com/product/sq8l_sq8x_by_siegfried_kullmann
which is a software version of an 80ies synthesizer:


You have composed that? Amazing! I really have to get music streaming from SD to work in Python :slight_smile:


I would not really call what I am doing composing but yes I made that.