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Tor’s Game Gallery! A game gallery created during the Python Editor competition. It features 3 arcade type games for relaxed enjoyment.

  1. Angry Space Toast
    Angry Space Toast is an avoidance game where you have to survive as long as possible while angry space toast attempts to smear into you with their buttery nonsense. Watch out for the sharp burnt crust teeth! Once your shields are gone you get an agility bonus!

  2. Mecha Narwhal
    Mecha Narwhal is a racing dodger game. You play as the [no-so] legendary mechanical narwhal, your mission is to swim the ocean depths and explore all there is to see! But be careful! Being a super powered Mecha means you can’t slow down once you gain momentum! Don’t run into the coral and jelly fish that litter the ocean depths. If you’re fully charged of energy you can dash through jelly fish! But don’t mistake the coral for jelly fish. Those don’t move.

  3. Inverted Bricker
    Nothing too abnormal here. Except everything is upside down. Use your already talented brick breaking skills to keep the ball from flying away! (I told them not to fill it with helium…). As you destroy the bricks, make sure to collect the pieces that float away! Helium is a rare resource.