[game]Spike Dislike


After a little while trying to get Jayenkai into the Pokitto scene, I decided to ask him if he minded me attempting a Pokitto port of his SpikeDislike game. And, well, he said it was OK, so I did.

Here is the pokitto build – spike.bin and for those interested, here is the source – SpikeDislikePokittoSource, it’s not really worth the read though.


Hmm tried to make a pop and run it and I got a white screen… Didn’t try the bin directly though.


That is one big bin, it’s probably overwriting the loader.


Yes, you might be right there


Glad I tried it out only on the emulator then haha…


@spinal : prolly need to cut down on some sound data


Yeah, the intro sound is a single sample. I had to drop the playback quality for speed reasons, but never changed the sample rate. So the audio is at least twice the size it needs to be. I’ll look at that today.


Quick tweak of the intro sound, quality is lower but the .bin size is now down to about 176kb.
Out of curiosity, what is the maximum size a .bin should be without causing issues?


I’ll check, can’t remember offhand. Around 220kB