[Game]Road Trip [V1.0]

That is ok. The game is great as such. :slight_smile:
I actually meant “bumpy” or “choppy”. I mean that either the fps is a bit low or the road moves quite many pixels at once for other reasons. Not a big issue.

Oh i see what you mean. The thing is that if you try to go smoother, you lose a lot of the feeling of speed. You can blame the choppiness on me :smiley:, i kindda pushed to keep it like that on purpose.

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The presentation on this game is incredible, and the music and sfx add so much to the experience! I got 2944 on automatic transmission so far.

In the tunnel effect area, if I accidentally went off the side of the road, it forced me outside the tunnel and I was stuck outside it until the tunnel ended. Is that intentional? This ended up killing a lot of runs immediately.

By the way, what sample rate are you using for the music and sfx? It sounds amazing coming from the Pokitto!

Not really If you miss the tunnel right from the start too bad. But if you managed to ‘break’ through the tunnel wall, then this is not intentional. That, my friend, is called a bug!

The music is sampled at 22Khz. I think the biggest thing here is @gibs mastered the tracks at this sample rate in mono so I didn’t need to do anything like reduce the sample rate or compress the tracks which I think are the biggest problems when moving music to the Pokitto.

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Exactly … the rendering of the road reduces the frame rate I can achieve. I could make it smoother but this would ultimately reduce the perception of speed.

I broke through the tunnel wall about 3-4 times in only 5 or so runs, so for me it seemed like I broke through every time I brushed the wall.

Does playing music back at 22Khz appear to use much processor time? I have tried adding music/sfx to my games at 8Khz and it sounds pretty rough.

I haven’t noticed any real speed degradation between 16Khz (which is what we started with) and 22khz. The sound quality is noticeable though!

I will need to look at the wall issue if you can break it so easily!

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@filmote if you do another release, maybe it would be better to remove the sprite car on the game over screen ?

To hear the ROAD TRIP soundtrack, you have now the choice :slight_smile:

SoundCloud : Stream Michael GIBS | Listen to Road Trip playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Bandcamp : ROAD TRIP | gibs

Spotify : ROAD TRIP - Single by Michael GIBS | Spotify

Deezer : Michael GIBS (Nouvel album) - ROAD TRIP : chansons et paroles | Deezer

Apple Music : ‎Road Trip - EP by Michael GIBS on Apple Music

Youtube Music : YouTube Music

Youtube Standard : Michael GIBS "ROAD TRIP" FULL EP - YouTube

Amazon: https://music.amazon.com/artists/B096XTK45F/michael-gibs


If it is OK for you guys, Road Trip will now on be the pre-loaded game when Pokitto ships


Of course !


I have thought about this more and feel very honoured by this! Thank you.


I am super thrilled to know that first time users will get to see our game when turning on their Pokitto! Thanks Jonne!


You have well deserved it guys :grinning: So many good games and high production values in each and every game!


Just for fun…

Can’t have Cassette only, need radio :stuck_out_tongue:


Love it! Love your big antenna. So did you hardcode radio stations presets?


This is simply amazing!

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Nope, it’s scans for the next station each time. The radio chip is very good for this sort of thing. :sunglasses:


That is awesome … I want one!