[GAME]Rayne the Rogue 2



Yes, gonna load it asap!


I’m gonna have to start bringing my Pokitto to work with me :scream: Can’t wait to come home and play!

Yup, this game is fantastic! phenomenal! Seriously amazing :slight_smile:


That intro scene looks really cool! Only some music is missing :slight_smile:


The Pokitto version technically could run music at the same time.


Looks great, waiting for Buckner and Garcia to make Rayne the Rogue Fever

Bye how does one download it?


In the initial post there is a link to the NeoRetro website just click on the download button?
It’s right under the game banner on the website…


Cool I looked at the site but was way to tired lol.


Ok I really like this game, about time a Pac-Man maze game got innovative without being a nearly direct clone (I’m looking at you Tax-man) it is a little hard to tell the potions apart and spawning in the shop is a little confusing especially how to use the shop.


We’re glad you like the game.
Each potion has their own color, The Red potion is Fire Aura, Green Potion is Speed Burst, Purple Potion is Illusion and the Black potion is Invisibility.
I apologize for the shop being confusing, that was not our intention :slight_smile:


It’s ok, remember I’m ancient and take longer to understand some stuff lol


For those who played the game. Anyone beat the game and got a ranking? What ranking did you get?

We are currently working on the 1.1 update with a new unlockable mode.


I have not beaten it yet. I’m pretty bad at it :smile:


My 4-yr old son beat the first level. I think its the first game that he truly has “understood” how to play


Every time you fall you get coins to spend in the shop, Upgrading your abilities in the shop will make the game easier. :slight_smile: I tried to make the game in a way that everyone can win in time.


That is awesome. :grin:


I just spent like 1k coins on upgrades xD. Got level 8 armour now hohoho I’m powerful haha xD luck makes bigger coins show up right? Cause now I see some gems :smiley:


Correct, If you increase your luck you will start to find gems which are worth more coins. every stat maxes at 40 except shield which maxes at 45.


Oh wow then I’m just scratching the surface! Haha excellent :smiley:


I have played and upgraded quite a while, but as i promised to play and review a game for indieselect, i have some priorities :laughing:


Yup and with version 1.1 coming you are going to have more to scratch. :wink: