[GAME]Rayne the Rogue 2





After barely escaping the dragon’s lairs Rayne traveled the world in search for the next big adventure. Rayne came across a rumor of a magic lamp hidden within a castle. The lamp is guarded by vicious creatures hunting down any interlopers. Help Rayne navigate the castle and avoid the beasts to get the lamp.

All games available at neoretro.games, donations accepted.

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Ah i am looking forward to this😍


Likewise. Looks amazing


Looks so good! I hope the enemies have some pacman-esque logic instead of only random :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: The Guards do not move at random, They will try to chase Rayne down.


Here’s an idea: how about a Rayne T-shirt / mouse pad? I’d buy one. I can host the item in the Pokitto store and you can keep the profits to support further game development. Just an idea, I don’t mind if you don’t like it / want to do it in a different way.

But seriously. Mousepad, with those graphics. Insta-buy.


Probably should be a different topic, but what implications would there be to actually host game products on the Pokitto store? :thinking: like shirts and such… hmmm


It’s easily doable. I can even redirect proceeds to author Paypal, I have a plugin for that.

edit: but this is about this game, let’s not get sidetracked


For the scores on top are those custom fonts??


I love the idea.


Yes, the scoreboard is using a custom font


It looks amazing!


Thanks, Vampirics and I have spent the last Month making this game and we hope you like it.


Merch wise i‘d like pins - but after i bought a lot of limited stuff and three consoles recently i hope we don’t get one😆


Merch like pins would be cool, never thought anyone would be interested in Merch about Neo Retro Games.


I am interested in doing designs for tshirts and coffee cups :smiley:

I could design for anything really. Whatever is requested most.


If you take a look at my youtube channel, you will see that i am always interested in great games, especially indie games and i am really happy to get booklets, merch or other stuff - just because it is so much fun to see how much work people put in their games and related things😊


Rayne the Rogue 2 now available for download here


Very well made game! Nice backstory, and good game mechanics.


Thanks, we are glad you like it.