[Game]Raquer*Mete - A Hack*Match clone for Pokitto



Thanks for playing. I’m glad you liked it. I tried to be faithful to the original.

I agree that the game is really hard for beginners, but it actually gets too easy once you get really good at it, since I’m not increasing the difficulty over time. I think that a good balance for both beginners and advanced players would be the game starting at an even slower pace and increasing the speed up to something that’s much faster than the current one. The number of bombs also seems too high. This needs some fine tuning.

The way it is now, I can actually play indefinitely.

@sbmrgd @Vampirics I’ll include persistent highscore as soon as I can.
@Vampirics I’m very open to pimping the look. Do you have any immediate suggestion?

In addition to the @Vampirics 's hint, notice that if you are not carrying any piece, you can rearrange the last three pieces in a column. But doing so can be a bit expensive (in terms of time).


I don’t know, something like this?



I tried to not go too far from your initial design.
It’s almost something you could drop in lol. And I limited myself to the colours you were using.

Here is the png for the title screen and game HUD without the text and game pieces.




That’s awesome! Thank you so much.


You are welcome. I just quickly did that during lunch because you asked if I had any ideas. Lol


@Vampirics and @denismr , that look needs disco music


I have to agree here!


I would like to see a scrolling starfield in the background where the pieces are. Could almost look like light from a disco ball lol


That highscore is really insane, I have just achieved 15620…
EDIT: currently at 26820!


New version released with persistent highscore and new backgrounds.
raquer.bin (76.3 KB)


Thank you for adding score saving.


My best so far is only 4360. Just noticed I can throw more of the same color at blocks that are disappearing to clear them right away with the rest.


Yep! And they give you double of the points!
Every piece with a + sign inside gives you 20 points, and empty pieces give you 10.
The first four pieces that initiate a chain give you 10 points each. All other pieces in a chain / combo give you 20 (except pieces that are eliminated due to a bomb being triggered. Those always give you 10. But during combos, bombs are triggered only after 4-groups are matched).

Edit: but yeah… while the game is frozen after a match, you can still play and eliminate more pieces and increase your chaining score, since every new piece gives 20 pts. The only restriction is that you cannot move any piece that is already matching.


@jonne sorry to bug you about that here, but did you made those changes? Or it’s still on the list of things to do?


Still on the list :relaxed:

Tho you’ll be happy to hear its because a) were running a compo, and b) I’m busy shipping out Pokittos! :wink: