What’s this?

This is a game in which a girl protects a kitten from rain and snow.


How to play?

← → : Move the girl
[A] : Hold an umbrella over (Only 2px :laughing:)

Keep protecting the kitten until the health bar in the upper left corner of the screen reaches its maximum.
The game ends when the health reaches 0% or 100%.


A little girl likes to take a walk in the rain with an umbrella.
One night she is walking outside and found a kitten freezing.
She wanted to protect the kitten from the rain (or snow) with her umbrella.

(Either rain or snow will fall at random.)

Development Story

On a rainy day last month, my wife and I were walking around town sharing one umbrella.
And when the wind blew, she said angrily.
“You’re so bad at holding an umbrella, I’m getting wet! You should practice holding an umbrella!”
I decided to make a game in which I would practice putting up umbrellas.


This game has developed using Pokitto MicroPython IDE .
Therefore, please import this source code into the MicroPython IDE and use it.

I don’t have a Pokitto HW yet (I’ve ordered one), so I don’t know if the game will work on a HW.

And since the program is now more massive than I thought it would be, there may be some bugs. Please let me know if it doesn’t work.

Next Version

In the next version… I would like to add music and create POP files.



Looks really good. I do like the transitions between scenes - fade to black.


Works great in HW too :slight_smile:

This is a surprisingly challenging game as the rain do not always come vertically.

The dimming effect could be faster.


Nice - i like the ideas and graphics

Thanks everyone for confirming how it works.
Hanski is right, the transition effects could use some improvement.
Also I don’t know how easy it is to see the buildings in the background in HW.
I plan to improve the transition effects and colors in the next version.