This game is based on R0x on the Ouya and Atari ST! (Do check them out as they’re amazing!)

This game is an Avoid-em-up type shooter. You start with a max of 9 bullets and 0 bombs. Shooting enemies, bosses and shuttles (the pink passive transporters) all drop items. The ORANGE item gives you +2 bullets (max 9 in total), the BLUE one gives you 1 bomb and the GREEN one gives you full health!

Collect crystals and spacemen for bonus points. Avoid asteroids where possible. Your hit box is in the middle of your ship and only 10 pixels wide and high, so it’s fairly easy to manoeuvre between asteroids and bullets etc. However, it also makes it a bit more of a challenge to collect items! Shuttles and enemies take 1 bullet to die. Bosses take 2 bullets to die. When playing in Arcade mode, the game is over when you run out of health. (Tip: use your ship to bash into a shuttle for a chance to collect a dropped item, at the expense of one health point). In survival mode, one hit and you’re dead.

The game saves the highscore on the real Pokitto.
To listen to the included music, ensure you have an SD card in your Pokitto and it has a folder called “music” and the song called “rox.wav” in. If the song gets annoying fast, I apologise. I quickly threw together something on my new xmas gift I got from the wife (Korg Volca Sample). You can always eject your SD card or replace it with a song of your choice with the same filename. I know the song is sh*t but bloody hell, 8khz pcm audio is terrible quality :frowning:

As usual, everything done by me.

POP file:
R0xitto27.pop (848.1 KB)

Bin, music and readme zip:
r0xitto.zip (854.6 KB)

You can get the Windows emulator version on our website at http://blackjet.co.uk

Github repo link: https://github.com/jvdw008/r0xitto

Have fun!


PS. Enemies/bosses will attack more frequently as time goes by…


Wow … that looks awesome. Nice work! I can’t wait to play it.

Will it be open-source? I am keen to look at the code and learn something new.


Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Is that still a thing?


I hadn’t heard of it so I Googled and read up on it …


@jvdw007 awesome! btw, changed title slightly, so that php script picks it up


Game looks very well done. Every aspect is lovely curated. Good job.

What about adding another bigger hit box for collecting and keep the small one only for enemies and asteroids?


Jaco, can i ask you a favour? Could you recompile your game to use music from folder /music/r0x ? I am trying to declutter the gamedisk


Will do @jonne

@HomineLudens I will make the hitbox a bit bigger for dropped items but it’s a fine balance between making the game too easy.

When I get a chance tonight I will put the code up on Github after these changes.


All the links and code updated now. Enjoy!