Pyrates !!

ARRR, me mateys!

This be “Pyrates” my test of the fantastic Micropython IDE by @FManga and @Hanski

RELEASE 2, “Dead Man’s Grog”

Objective of the game

For a pirate,

a fate far worse than the treacherous rocks ripping the ship to shreds, far worse than the raging seas, the howling winds, or the mystical sea-monster Kraken

… is running out of Grog

Sailing the dangerous waters of the Spanish Main, you as a captain have to take care of your ship and crew. Your goal is to sail to different islands, land on the ports and make sure your ship stays brimmed with Grog.


  • you are sailing. In sailing you go with the wind, you do not just “point the ship”. Learn to navigate!
  • if you get lost at sea, just press ‘C’ to restart the challenge
  • PRESS A several times in the beginning to start
  • if you are Landed you can jiggle your boat to get loose
  • if you wish to exit a port, turn your ship and press A to give it a push
  • the ship’s mast watch will call “Land Ahoy” when he sights land. You can then try to sail in that direction. It is easy to miss the islands!
  • not all islands are safe to land - the port may be in an impossible place. Sail away to another island

Now go learn the ropes, ya miserable landlubber!!


pyrates.bin (154.3 KB)

pyrates.zip (60.2 KB)

Interesting factoid: What is Grog?


[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!

:open_mouth: amazing… Really setting the bar with this one.


Let’s see who reports landing first!




That didn’t take long xD


Look so good! Have to try it.


I know you based it on another game, but the graphics of this remind me a lot of a game called Seven Seas that I played on the Palm Pilot a while back. The palm game is turn based and its graphics are worse, but the tiny ship reminded me of it.


AVAST! Rrrrrrrrrr


Update coming soon


Last night, I coded the RIG = random island generator.

Its not perfect but its already making pretty interesting islands



Release 2

New bin and source in the first post

This is now officially a game, you can play it !! :sweat_smile:


This is stunning :+1::heart_eyes:
Love the clouds.


Hmm is it normal that some port are just in the water and no ways to land to them? My guys were out of grog by lack of land lol


Nope, that is a bug.

I need to add some more lines of code it seems


We have cannons!

(and you haven’t heard the music yet either :kissing_heart:)
Next step, projectiles and enemy ships


target practise



Grog meter :joy:


This has been fixed now