Is it possible you attach the binaries in your game packages?
I managed to compile latest Pokittris in mbed.com but the resulting BIN does not seem to work.


Check My_settings.h, turn off all sound. See if it affects the outcome

Also be more verbose as to how something fails. It helps me to help everyone

Will try it, thanks!

As per the failure, sorry I didn’t verbose it here because I described it in this other thread.

Same result with #define PROJ_ENABLE_SOUND 0 // 0 = all sound functions disabled

It compiles, I get a 46 KB “Pokittris_LPC11U68.bin” with a bootloader screen and volume setting screen but then a black screen both in place of the game and in place of the bootloader menu.

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FYI thanks to Jonne’s new PokittoLib, Pokittris now compiles through mbed.com and results runs fine on hardware :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Resulting game is a bit slow on hardware, as noticed above.

Idea for improvement: do an instant fall-down with the Up key maybe? :wink:

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Can you share the project for pokittris? or the bin file?

Ok, here is the mbed.com repo: https://os.mbed.com/users/mougino/code/Pokittris/

And the bin: Pokittris_LPC11U68.bin (41.3 KB)

Both based on Pokittris 02/10/17 (zip in the first post).



It feels faster if you add


But it is not yet playable. Maybe games should use the lower resolution.

Also, what does the C button do in the game? I am trying to diagnose my C button because it seems there is a hardware problem (I cannot launch the loader on boot either), but the only thing I have tried the online compiler for the moment

I will make you a binary to check that C button. It does sound odd.

One thing I can say is every single Pokitto was tested for buttons, lcd, sd card, sound & lipo charging before shipping. Its one of the reasons why we have been so slow.


The C button currently does nothing. Partly because by default it seems to print “C Pressed” in the top corner of the screen.

This is exactly the debug feature I was referring to. I will clean up so that there is no bad PokittoLib available anywhere.

I will put the test program up so that everyone can verify their system.

@spinal: I have had zero issues with the mechanical keys. I wonder if your logic of reading the keys is correct?


Any progress on this? I just got in the mood for some tetris and would love a .bin to just push to my pokitto.

At least I have been playing it? Works also with loader.

Don’t have a small enough SD to put into pokitto yet, so it is one game at a time for me :stuck_out_tongue:

@jonne Could you share the compiled .bin you are using? I would like to give it a spin, but right now I am a bit busy, so not time to investigate how to compile :frowning:

even a 16gb card works!


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I haven’t actually looked at this for quite a while. I wouldn’t even be sure the source code will still compile (although I don’t think there have been any major changes to the libraries to prevent it).

Wow, I am pretty sure I have some 8 or 16gb cards around, I will need to give it a spin. I thought we only support up to 2gb?

@spinal I would love if you finished it :slight_smile: But no rush, I will be happy with what I can get :slight_smile:


Runs quite well on real hardware but crashes sd card loader like columns and coffins. Any chance to fix this?

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I’d love to, but for some reason I can’t get a newly compiled version to run on my Pokitto, not sure what the problem is yet.

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