At least I have been playing it? Works also with loader.

Don’t have a small enough SD to put into pokitto yet, so it is one game at a time for me :stuck_out_tongue:

@jonne Could you share the compiled .bin you are using? I would like to give it a spin, but right now I am a bit busy, so not time to investigate how to compile :frowning:

even a 16gb card works!


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I haven’t actually looked at this for quite a while. I wouldn’t even be sure the source code will still compile (although I don’t think there have been any major changes to the libraries to prevent it).

Wow, I am pretty sure I have some 8 or 16gb cards around, I will need to give it a spin. I thought we only support up to 2gb?

@spinal I would love if you finished it :slight_smile: But no rush, I will be happy with what I can get :slight_smile:


Runs quite well on real hardware but crashes sd card loader like columns and coffins. Any chance to fix this?

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I’d love to, but for some reason I can’t get a newly compiled version to run on my Pokitto, not sure what the problem is yet.

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That’s sad😢
Maybe someone could help?
(I used the bin file provided above)

Is there an up-to-date set of source code to hand?

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[edit] I think I modified pokittolib to update a region of the screen to speed up rendering, not 100% sure though.


I will debug if needed. Some things only come up with a HW debugger


Thanks! Would be really nice to add that to the sd collection. I love the colors!

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The problem is the PALETTE_SIZE. When you made the Mode13 you (I think it was you) changed that to 256. Its hanging in the following loop:

void Display::load565Palette(const uint16_t* p) {
    for (int i=0;i<PALETTE_SIZE;i++) palette[i] = p[i];
    paletteptr = palette;

Yep that was it. I will now fix the music.

@spinal : your song name was “pokittris.raw”

Guess what’s wrong with that? In FAT32 it becomes pokitt~1.raw because of the long filename (9 letters)

That was the problem.

Did I not say already that odd numbers are evil and that 8 is the divine number? :wink:

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Wow, it’s been a while! Do you need anything from me for the above fixes? I assume a simple screen mode check when loading a palette would sort that part, and changing the filename for the music perhaps?

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No it will be soon fixed. Massive new gamedisk (50+ games) coming up soon.


Actually, the music sampling rate is not correct. Could you send me the original somehow?

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Actually. The music you have is super tiring. Can I suggest something else?

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Sure, use whatever you like :sunglasses: