[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



I did not think about that. Nice trick!


This game is so amazing. It is REALLY coming along :smiley:


Update for PokittoGP beta: PokitGP.bin (133.4 KB)

  • Added support for time trial to use waypoint to detect that the track has been run in right order before calculating the lap time. It allows skipping of max 5 sequential waypoints.
  • Added support for calculating the rank during the race by using waypoints
  • Fixed the second problem of having 8-chars long track folder name (“hothlap” works now)


Yay, I got a track working on this version. But quick question, how do you set the spawn point in the pgp track editor?

(On the far right corner you can kinda see the track itself)


Currently the spawn is always the first part of line 18.


Yes, that is currently fixed.

Edit: I mean the starting position is currently in a fixed place :slight_smile: I am not planning to change that.


A small update:

  • if the player do not reach the next waypoint in 5 seconds, the time is not shown any more, instead there is the “out!” text. When the player catches the right waypoint the time is shown again. This is to indicate when the player has gone the wrong route.

PokitGP.bin (133.6 KB)


@Hanski … .what have you done to the computer players? They are far too easy to catch on straightaways.

Or can the waypoint be more than 100?


The system currently recognizes only tree waypoint target speed values: 100, 75 and 50.
I have to look why NPC ships are slow. Is that in the default rom track too?


I can catch up them all on a straight by flooring the pedal - thats what puzzles me.

Is the player craft faster than the other ships?


This how the ramp and the booster look like:
image image


Incredible :smile:


I can’t help thinking that the shadows might look better as a 50% transparent checked pattern…


true, especially on different terrain tracks


I think I tried it, but it did not look good.


Boosters & ramps update! They work in the ROM track but not yet supported in the custom tracks.
PokitGP.bin (134.5 KB)


The nice thing about boosters and ramps is that there is no limitation, how much there are them, and they do not cause any performace hit (like billboards).They are implemented as tiles. So you can make the whole track full of boosters and ramps :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to get to try them on my own tracks!


I have to request @jpfli to add the new blocks to the editor, but he is currently implementing another improvement to it.


Currently, boosters and ramps can only be used by the player, not the NPC ships. That is the advantage the player has over NPC ships. What do you think? Should also NPC ships be affected by ramps and boosters?