[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



Hackenheimring? We just need Nerdburgring and we are all set!

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Kinda like the trophies for the “cars” in smash bros. When they rotate both sides is the rear lol


Wow! That’s cool. A very nice script.

You are right, I did not notice it first:-) I have to check this track out! What is your record?


My best is 29.5 sec.

One small issue I had when editing the track was that PokittoGP didn’t accept it because there was a “\n” at the end of the last line. Some text editors add this automatically.


Ok, I have to handle that.


Concept art for the Vulganus, home track of Mos Tarble


Edit: @Hanski , I need a picture with the official palette

Local fans support their own hero:



Blizzardoa , the ice planet. Home of Beeb Geezip

Warning: slippery in winter times (always)



Marvellous! I think I have to add user texture support just for getting those mockups to reality!

I planning to have own palettes for each track. The first N palette entries are common and they are for the UI colors + ships ( unless you want to customize ships too). The rest of the 256 color palette are for track colors. You can import the palette too.

Hmm… I have not calculated how many 256 color textures we can import to RAM…


Planet Vextrex

Off-track causes segmentation fault, you glitch to another position



@Hanski :

Could we also please affect the physics parameters for our custom tracks? (acceleration, grip, off-road deceleration/rebound)


Yes, that can be made.


You only need to import a few textures at a time. And, to be perfectly honest, we could get very far with just palette + bg image. I did not really change the textures in those mockups


I have to say the idea of being able to import a track + its texture is charming :slight_smile:


That is right.


I tested your track. The crossroad looks very nice! There are quite many possibilities for shortcuts (my record is 26’3). Maybe, there should be an item which blocks the way completely (e.g. a fence or rock). That could be used for preventing shortcuts.


I briefly tried editing a track with PokiPad but it only has access to the root directory so it can’t edit track files inside the pokitgp directory :frowning:


Ok. When I was testing PokiPad, the track files were still in the root folder. Let’s hope @drummyfish will add folder support at some point.


I did calculation and all the game textures take about 3 kB. There is nothing to worry about as in PGP, I checked that there is currently 10 kB free in the main RAM block (and some more in the additional RAM blocks).

Btw. you can get a rought estimate (does not consider memory fragmentation etc.) of free RAM by doing: int8_t test = new int8_t[1024]; in a loop until it returns NULL, and print the number of loops succeeded. Note: do it this way only for testing purposes as normally you should free the allocated memory.

That is just the quick way (for me!) to do it. Eventually I will do it better. Now I occasionally need to patch PokittoLib also, for which I will later make a PR (like the recent PR about a small improvement to the sound player implementation). Currently it is more comvenient to have the whole PokiitoLib forked.


Yes, that is a big weakness of my program! I though this would become a problem and I’ll try to take a look at it. However I have a new PC and have to set everything from the ground up plus I am very lazy lately, so don’t have many hopes. The source code is around if anyone really needs it.


Okay, quickly bundled together. I was able to open and save files in a subdirectory (haven’t even tested deeper than one subdirectory). You can give it a try:

firmware.bin (122.5 KB) (the code has been pushed to the repo as experimental)

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