[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



Correct. This is not the place. Arguments belong on the command line.

The reason why I took an interest is because the premise of Alda looked so promising. Then I spent some time reading the docs and I thought the description of the project was not correct. End of story.


Just a question, where is the newest version of the game?




Ty I need to update my game now.


JP once again contributed original graphics for Pokitto! Here is the loading/title screen for Pokitto GP :slight_smile:



Oooh! Wow! Congrats to JP!


That’s so beautiful :open_mouth: Who’s JP?


I do not think he has an account here. He is doing graphics for a hobby.


Huh! I was wondering why the notes do not sound to be in the correct pitch in setOSC() function. The reason was that my sample rate (#define PROJ_AUD_FREQ) was 8kHz (because of performance reasons). Bigger note values (i.e. higher pitch) than 60 start to fail, the pitch is wrong. The same happens also in higher sample rates, when the note value is big enough. The waveform also seems to affect to what the highest workable pitch limit is.


Higher than 60? I’ll have to tune the table in that case.

I’ll hook up to an oscilloscope


Is that problem due the Nyquist frequency?


No. The table is a simple y = mx + c linear function. Its possible that m (the coefficient) is wrong. That is why the table goes out of tune at highee frequencies


If I use 8 kHz with the SFXEditor, the first incorrect note is number 66. Does not seem to relate to the waveform after all.


What frequency will u b using so i can tune that 1st ?


I am using 8 kHz to keep the FPS high.


it is weird that the first incorrect note in PGP is number 57.


How are you detecting this?


By ear :wink: Just play the notes in ascending sequence and try to hear when the pitch does no go up.


Hmmmmmmm… does not go up at all !!! ?


I will record a video…