[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



Yeah, then you can overtake someone and still be ranked behind if you haven’t reached a new block yet, but this can bee good enough anyway. Nice idea BTW :slight_smile:


You could check the distance to the next block (its center) if you wanted to resolve the rank within the same block.


Right, inside a block the rank does not change. Let’s see if that will be a problem. Maybe not, if you go fast enough :wink:


Here are the pilots with their ships in the Pokitto Grand Prix. Each opponent is an undisputed champion in their planet so prepare to have a fierce competition!


Edit: Thanks to @pharap and @drummyfish for the gfx !


These guys are great fit for the game! I have merely linked to the image, but you can rather credit the the original author somewhere in the repository. It’s optional, but nice to do if it’s not much extra hassle.


Yep, that’s the user AndHeGames in the opengameart.org. I will put credits in the final game.


The white one reminds me of Lavos, the green one reminds me of Psaro and the yellow one reminds me of Baramos.


I have to name those guys somehow, which is always difficult. I was thinking to name them after Finnish dishes as the Finnish language probably looks pretty alien to foreigners :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: How do these look to you:
Nakki Keitto, Musta Makkara, Veri Lätty, Poron Käristys, Herne Soppa :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edit: Wait, one is missing. Liha Pulla that is :wink:


Nooooo! Do not spoil this for me!


That’s almost exactly what Akira Toriyama did in Dragon Ball.
All the saiyans were named after vegetables (typically root vegetables) e.g.

  • Kakkarot = Carrot
  • Vegeta = Vegetable
  • Tarble = Vegetable
  • Raditz = Raddish
  • Paragus = Asparagus
  • Broly = Broccoli

Even ‘saiyan’ (originally ‘saiya jin’) was a reversal of ‘yasai’ (meaning vegetable).

Aside from soppa maybe being soup and karistys possibly involving carrots, I couldn’t even begin to guess what these mean.

Seems fine to me. Aparently @jonne doesn’t agree though. :P

I decided not to say “I bet one of these contains reindeer” because I thought that was being too stereotypical, but it turns out one of them does, so I would have been right. :P

Why would this spoil it? Would it make you hungry all the time? Or do you just not like Nakki Keitto?

Or is it the idea of the pilots being aliens?


Better ideas are welcome :wink:


I like the ‘Finnish food names’ idea, but I did have a think just in case.
My ideas for backup names are (in no particular order):

  • Ekzec
  • Tarble
  • Elf
  • Geezip
  • Tekst
  • Jayson

I’ll let you guess the meaning


File formats

  • Ekzec = exec = .exe
  • Tarble = tarball = .tar or .tar.gz
  • Elf = executable and linkable format = .elf
  • Geezip = gzip = .gz
  • Tekst = text = .txt
  • Jayson = JSON = .json


@Hanski , you know me. I am a dyed in the wool traditionalist.

Names should be short (to fit on screen) & homage to days past. Sorry. I can’t help it :wink:

… just a suggestion, I like the other suggestions also, really.


Edit, for reference, for the young players



1541 and Vic were the only two I wouldn’t have guessed.

The company itself is still sometimes called “The Beeb” even now.
(Aparently Queen used it on an album.)

(I don’t know if it’s a local thing, but we also sometimes call them ‘buh-buh-cuh’ because of the way children are taught to learn the sounds that letters make.)


A new release is here :slight_smile:

There are quite much changes this time (and it has taken quite a while):

  • The race against 6 NPC contenders! The race is 3 laps long. The time trial is also there.
  • The menu system
  • The picture of the contender pilots
  • The race can be restarted, continued or exited by pressing C in during the race. The same works for the time trial.

image image image

PokitGP.bin (92.0 KB)


Ofcourse, the obligatory oldskool taunts should be there



Oh my gosh I can’t wait to try this!!


Beeb looks like a tiny head with a huge Fro


That is funny! I have to add that kind of taunting to the game :grin:


It’s great, I’m totally loving it. It needs a countdown at the beginning, I always stay behind :expressionless: Also I noticed the player ship sometimes blinks, like it’s not drawn for a single frame or something.


Yeah, that is in the list.

You just have to practise more :wink: My best is 4th but I think I can improve still.

That have to be fixed