[Game]pokitbeasts (WIP alpha)

150 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Lol jk but I think I want to cap it at 255
That’s a large amount and I’m more worried about the worldmap and characters walking around
I’m thinking of leaning more to finalfantasy encounters then trainer battles like Pokemon

World only has a few mages and your one of them
My rough idea is you have a personal level and manapool so you can sumon any beast you captured as much as you have Mana so you have to balance out big summons with small ones to treverse the world.


I’ll try to make a few and post them here.

Thx just keep in mind the setting is high fantasy so beasts have to attribute that genre (no keychain or icecone allowed XD)

There is also Tuxemon, but some of them is kinda programmer art :smiley:

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I’m thinking a cute baby tarrasque

Making a Pokemon-like game for the Pokitto is what I eventually want to do, but I’m undecided about how I’d licence it (I’m leaning towards doing what Arduventure did - open source engine, close sourcing the rest).

In between programming projects I stop to research Pokemon-like games (e.g. Spectrobes, Dragon Quest Monsters, Yokai Watch) and fakemon designs to decide what sort of things I want in it.

Very little set in stone yet, but I’ve settled on the idea that I want the Pokitto to replace the Pokedex and I’d really love an in-game version of @jonne to make an appearance, possibly even being the one give the player their Pokitto.

Sounds good.
Reminds me of the mainline Dragon Quest games where you could recruit monsters.

I can probably help out here and there, but there’s no code up yet so I’m of limited use.

Out of those my favourites are the one that looks like your icon, the shadow bat, the onion/pumpkin headed thing and the hippogriff/griffin

There’s one or two of those I like, but most of them I’m not too keen on.
I like Fluttaflap, Noctula, Cardiwing, Tumblebee,Zunna & Flacono.
Some I like the of, idea but not the execution, e.g. Conifrsot, Cowpignon and Seirein.

Pigabyte looks very Mother3.

I’m very picky about which designs I do and don’t like.
Even with actual Pokemon there are designs I love and designs I hate.


@jonne could be pokittomon professor Vy King (since he’s from Finland Finland Finland, the country where we quite want to be,)

I was planning to make myself the professor because I’m arrogant :P

There’s a lot more to finland than vikings.
There’s also Nokia, cloudberries, reindeer, summer festivals, saunas and Apocalyptica :P

(I had to look up the Monty Python reference.)


The assets should really be under some form of Creative Commons, otherwise it’s not what we really need. The modders are then forced to tread lightly on the edge of just modifying the code and not e.g. the story/assets/dress - honestly no one can even tell where these two meet exactly. Half-opening the game really isn’t a solution to anything in my view, it brings more problems than good, and it’s always an instant turn down to me.

Anyone has the right to do it of course, I just see it as a kind of waste of time and a well meant effort, done usually out of mostly paranoid fear that someone will “steal” the work (which cannot possibly happen if you use a copyleft/SA license) - the game is not open unless it’s open completely, there must be no asterisks.

So please @Pharap, consider the Creative Commons options. You’d have all my support and help I could offer with the development. Otherwise I’d have to keep waiting for someone else to basically do the same work over again :confused:

No mention of Linus Torvalds and Linux? :frowning:

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Now isn’t really the time or the place for debating what licence I should use.
All my work so far is just theory and doodles on paper, it might not even happen,
so we’d be having a debate about a bunch of ideas, not a tangible thing.
Wait until I’ve actually got something that runs and then plea again.
(At the moment I don’t plan to write a single line of it until the Pokitto library is more C++11 friendly.)

For now focus on Pokitbeasts, @adekto actually has something tangible already.
It might be a long way from being done yet, but it’s further along than my cloud of ideas and it will probably be finished long before whatever I end up doing.

Honestly, I completely forgot about them.
I’m not sure an angry swearing man is the image Finnish people would want people to think of when they think of Fnnland.
I remember Linus more for his rudeness to people (who are trying to help Linux) than for any technical ability he has.

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I agree, I just want this opinion to be pinned here, because you know, it’s very important to me.

He’s very skilled indeed, there’s no doubt, most will say he’s a genius. I’m not a fan of the exact way in which he interacts either, nor of some of his opinions, but I agree with a lot (“respect is not automatic, it’s earned”, …). Whether a fan or not, it’s worth to read his biography (Just for Fun) - he talks about Finland a lot there (also reveals his answer to the meaning of life in the book, and it’s not 42).

wow you all got oftrack quickly, so as a heads up the github repo is setup under MIT licence the art already on there is under CC0. im happy to take in most artwork and code but please understand stuff will be modified changed or alterd to suit the games needs (your giving up your desings up to public domain, to avoid “origenal character do not steal” shenanigans)

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That’s why I’ve tried to steer it back on track.

I’m made a pair of PRs to make the licencing clearer.

Like I say, I’m willing to offer to help, but until there’s code I can’t really do much.

I’m willing to donate those sprites I offered months ago though, assuming you’re interested in them and the “Pokitome” idea.



thank you i will add them to the resources, but to re-itarate these might change shape considerebly.

If you’re defintely going to add them, I’ll make another PR.
I know they might change, I was handing them over no-strings-attached the first time I posted them.

i pushed the part of my code up, doing everything in platformIO hopefully the project just works
also have a testmap in tilemaps folder wich is the one curently loaded, it will look glitchy since loading from sd card is currently not yet implemented since that what is probebly realy broken since new version of pokittolib

also almoust instatly broke the emulator during testing XD, just so you know its not working in the current version of PokittoEmu

aditionaly anyone know how to add music to the game? kinda want to test some tunes during gameplay to see how much it might slow down, (also if you can make music i realy need a song for this XD)