[Game]pokitbeasts (WIP alpha)

this is still under heavy development so there allot of bugs

pokitbeasts is a top down rpg

currently features:

  • text scroll demo with character art (can skip text with pressing A, press B to exit the dialog)
  • working save and load (use the C button to open the menu)
  • “dynamic” loading segments of map from sd card ( may freeze randomly, sorry)
  • showing of mode15

##needs sd card with pokitbeasts.pok on it (dont forget to unzip)
pokitbeasts_alphaV0_1.bin (77.6 KB)
pokitbeasts.pok.zip (5.2 KB)


Whoa it’s looking really nice :heart_eyes:


Holy moly!! That looks amazing.

That’s a nice project. Here’s a badge awarded to @adekto for encouragement!


can some people test this out since i the random freezing is only been tested on my device and sd card maybe its just mine, would like to see confirmation of this also if the load times per “chunk” are noticeable

if someone could figure out what could be happening this is the map load function, if you got any ideas please let me know (using SDFileSystem)

void loadmap(uint16_t x, uint16_t y){
    if(!sd.disk_initialize()){ //trying to prevent freeze but dont think this works
       // creating a static file pointer for map
       static FILE *fp = fopen("/sd/pokitbeasts.pok/overmap.data", "rb");
       if(fp == NULL) err ="could not load map"; 
           for(uint8_t i = 0; i <30; i++){
              fread(mapdate[i], sizeof(uint8_t),  30,fp);
              fseek(fp, 100-30,SEEK_CUR);

If you share the code somehow (did you know that you can share code privately on mbed via adding me as a collaborator, witout the need to publish?) I could run it through the hardware debugger to see where it freezes.

sure thing, i will do some housekeeping first, i wasn’t expecting visitors :stuck_out_tongue:

I added the pokitbeasts.pok to the sd card (1 gb generic), but it doesnt seem to load the map.

I can see the textblock, and the girl(big and small)but thats it.

but it does look nice :smile:

I’m slightly envious because I really want to make an RPG for Pokitto but I keep getting sidetracked either by other projects or because I keep stopping to help people with their code.

could you try another sd card?
alternative go inside the pokitbeasts.pok folder and delete the save.data
then in game save , see if there is an save.data file created, if not please check if the sd card is formatted MS-FAT
if none of these work i have no idea whats up

its far from being an full rpg right now and im prety sure i cant do this all alone, the work on getting sdfilesystem is essential for these larger type of games.
it took me about a full week fulltime working on this project (includes mode15 work for this)

I’m gonna try this in a minute. V4 loader is now so far, that I am down to finetuning the button repeat speed. Everything works (setting date, time, timeformatetc)

I can celebrate the occasion by loading up your game with it


cool i hope you will like it, i had an idea with these .pok folders might be a simple container for save data but also the bin file could be in there with some graphic or description for the loader
just a thought

@adekto : pokittobeasts was the first game ever loaded with the new loader. Works perfectly.

And it is freaking incredible!! Looks absolutely amazing!

This is one of those “I can’t believe my eyes” moments.

You’ve taken the game to a whole new level.

I hereby award you with level 2 wizard badge:

EDIT: this is for the mode15 addition

EDIT: video coming!

EDIT3: @adekto: please do not bypass the loader screen in the binary you release. People wont be able to load another program after that. A more friendly startup screen is coming soon


i know, but i had to due to the sdfilesystem conflicts i was having it was not functioning at all. will fix it up with new loader and everything

Tried a 4 gb SDHC and now it works. The 1gb sd was a standard MicroSD card, but the loader and all other games seem to work fine on it. edit, just checked the file system the 1 gb is FAT and the 4 gb is FAT32

Did you know there is a _macosx folder in the zip ? It doesnt seem to be used.

There is a small hickup when a new chunk of the map is loaded, but for me personally i dont see that as a problem.

  1. edit changing the 1gb to FAT32 didnt make a difference, im geussing the SDHC is being read in another way

Is this game going to be Pokemon-like, Zelda-like, Final Fantasy-like?

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i was going to name its pokitmonsters but that might have been to close to pokemon
i think i want a mix inbetween pokémon and finalfantasy keeping a fantasy world with mages in comand of spirit beasts that can be stored in a bag of holding sorta thing

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not sure why that specific card isn’t working

yea sorry about that its a hidden file macos makes i cant see it on mac unless i turn on developer mode and then most my folders will be filled by .something files, this mac “feature” is why you cant drag and drop files on the pokitto filesystem and you have to use a program instead

Well i geuss with 4 gb i can store a few more games :smile: (a few 1000 lol)

i got a 128mb sd card something wierd from china that works totaly fine
thats sort of my target or how to say limit for the game size in terms of content

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