I have fond memories of playing with my Tamagotchi toy back in the 90’s and wanted to combine my enjoyment of fish keeping with that. And so was born Pokaquarium (your virtual fish tank). I’d define it as an action puzzle game, as you have to not only catch coins as they drop from the pets, but also manage your food stock, your medicine supply and keep their hunger at bay.

On average, a game could take 20mins to play, as the game starts slowly and eases you into it, then gets a little more manic as you get more pets to manage. This is definitely a casual game, so if you are looking for a quick 5 minute game, this is probably not for you.

left/right - Move crab
up - feed pets
down - give medicine to pets
a - buy food - 1 coin
b - buy medicine - 3 coins
c - buy pet - 10 coins

More detail:
You start off with one pet. The aim is to buy X amount of pets for you to be promoted to a new aquarium which will in turn require more pets to purchase.
More pets make the hunger go down quicker, as more pets eat more food.
To top up their hunger, push Up to feed them one unit of food which tops of two units of hunger.
Healthy pets drop coins at random.
Heal all sick fish by pushing Down to apply medicine.
If you run out of hunger, you lose a single pet and your saved coins, but hunger is restored. If you lose your last pet, it’s game over.

1 - food level
2 - hunger level
3 - coins earned
4 - medicine bought
5 - score

My suggestions/tips:

  1. Buy and keep at least 1 medicine at all times, as pets randomly get sick and if sick, do not drop coins.
  2. Know when to upgrade. You can stay with one pet and collect coins and then buy as many pets as you can afford in one go, but it will take a lot longer to finish the level that way. Instead, save up enough coins to cover a new pet, one medicine and some food stock, otherwise you gamble losing something.

Download (includes .bin, readme and music): pokaquarium.zip (768.3 KB)

POP file: Pokaquarium.pop (408.4 KB)

Windows emulator version: pokaquariumWindows.zip (1.6 MB)

You can also view the source code on my Github account and get the zip file there: https://github.com/jvdw008/pokaquarium

ps. I don’t give credits in my games on the Pokitto, as that seems pointless. I do all the code, graphics, sfx and music, so no need :slight_smile: This will always be the case with my Pokitto games and at least helps me improve my abilities.


PS. I noticed the music plays really slowly on the Pokitto and I’m not sure why… Perhaps I’m asking a little too much of it… I might take the songs, speed them up a bit and see if that brings them back to normal speeds on the pokitto itself… I do know that for Pokittobloids I saved out the songs to 8khz 8bit files, whereas on this I thought I’d try 11khz 8bit, to try get slightly better quality output. Maybe that’s why…

The investigation will continue…


I am not sure but I think that python expects 8khz mono. In c++ it is possible to have 11khz, it is set in mysettings.h


Well, if you play a 11Khz file at 8kHz, it will be at 72% speed


That makes sense now! I’ll fix it later when home again hehe. Thanks!


Music is now running correctly at 8khz thanks! Updated the website, download in first post and github with the new zip file.


@jvdw007 , took the ‘action’ tag away as it was showing twice on the games page

… limitation of my script, not your fault in any way


I love this little game, if only the buying options were from a pop up menu instead of having to remember which buttons does what :wink:


Thanks for the kind words, mate.
Don’t worry, each game I make on the Pokitto gets a little better. But I’m of the type of person that once a game is done, it’s done. Unless there are bugs or other breaking features that is. I know very well of feature creep…


@jonne made my own POP file with icons and banner I made. I’ll try it on my Pokitto shortly to see what it looks like…

I used Felipe’s https://felipemanga.github.io/mkpop/ tool but not sure how to do screenshots. I took one but not sure of more?


Wow and does it look nice too. I really like this loader!!

EDIT: I’ve updated the POP file with proper text and screenshots now…


please upload the .pop file here so i can include it on the gamedisk


There’s a pop in the first post :point_up:


great game, i have enjoy every second of it.