This game is based on Adam Saltsman’s Canabalt.

One button infinite runner game. Push A to jump. The longer you press A, the more you can extend the jump, to a point.
Push C to pause the game.

Playing tip:
Use the crates to slow you down a bit every now and again, as the faster you run, the harder it is to aim and land without dying. Obviously, avoid the falling bombs!

The game saves the high score on the real Pokitto.
To listen to the included music, ensure you have an SD card in your Pokitto and it has a folder called “music” and the song called “pokabalt.wav” in.

Code, graphics, sfx, music - all by me.

POP file:
pokabalt.pop (620.2 KB)

Bin, Music and Readme file:
pokabalt.zip (823.1 KB)

You can get the Windows emulator version on our website at http://blackjet.co.uk

Github repo link: https://github.com/jvdw008/pokabalt

Have fun!



Looks very well made :slight_smile: You made also the song and sfx by yourself? Have to try this!

Did you know about this?

Hi Hanski,

Thanks! I did not know about Canabalto, it looks great! Nevertheless, this was a good exercise for me to learn how to make larger objects using some logic with own made tiles and the limited cpu power and space that we get here.
The games I make are sometimes clones or originals, but I always put my own spin on it, be it my own game mechanics, graphics, music etc. I don’t ever try to make faithful ports, as I’m not good enough in that regard.

And yes, like I say, I do everything including code, graphics, sfx and music (if you can call it that).



You have my vote for the first “game mogul” badge! A lot of good quality games which are not direct ports, but there is always an own twist and own graphics and sounds.

But @jonne ultimately decides this :wink:


I cannot play the youtube video of Pokabalt in your game homepage, “the video is private”.