[Game]Pok15 [WIP]



Sounds great! I know some people who might want to participate. :smiley:


I assume by ‘compo’ you mean competition?***

In which case I would be happy to handle the arranging of it (unless @HomineLudens wants to, since it’s his game).

I’ve seen the Arduboy forum handle a game jam three times, and an art contest (or maybe we could call it an ‘art jam’?) would be quite similar, so I’ve got an idea of how to do things:

  1. Create ‘Art Jam: Pok15’ thread
  2. Ask for theme suggestions (e.g. nature) and/or constraint suggestions (e.g. whether certain palettes should be preferred)*
  3. Either decide on a theme or create a poll to decide the theme.**
  4. Announce the start of the competition
  5. Allow time for people to work on their entries (5 days/1 week/2 weeks)
  6. Close entries and begin polling
  7. Allow time for people to vote (5 days/1 week/2 weeks)

Hopefully all entries will used in the final game.

* At the moment I’m thinking just have a couple of themes as the only additional constraint, 160x160 16-colour is already a very specific constraint.

** It depends on how long the contest should last and how many people are active on the forum. Note that if we had multiple prizes, we could have multiple themes.
(If there are ever any contests/game jams in the future, it might be worth buying some Pokitto-themed stickers, mugs or T-Shirts to give out as prizes. Or a signed autograph, or maybe a unique colour Pokitto or Pokitto part.)

*** (Usually in Britain, ‘compo’ is a colloquialism for ‘compensation’, sometimes implying that someone faked an injury to receive it. That or someone talking about ‘Compo Simmonite’.)



“A demoparty is an event that gathers demosceners[9] and other computer enthusiasts to partake in competitions called Demoscene compos[10] of demos (short audio-visual presentations of computer art).”


Good idea. Consider it done.


It’s good to specify rules clearly to avoid confusion, angry people and lynchings.
Up to how many entries per participant? Does it have to be produced within the contest period? What about animations? What licence will the entries be under? Should all entries be safe for work/kids?


Wow @jonne , this escalated quickly!

@Pharap please go on with the arranging, I think you’re move involved in other community too to spread the context. My suggestion is to allow at lest 2 week (weekend) of time to work/vote.

A common theme/style would be a great improvement in the final result of the game. It will be easy glue the picture using some text when the puzzle is complete. Maybe also let the player choose between some path and show different picture as the story is discovered.


I know, we don’t want an Evade 2 situation or a Blinky-gate.
I’ll include all the rules in the thread.

I don’t know if I’d be allowed to advertise it on the Arduboy forums,
so I’ll try to contact the guy in charge to ask him if it’s alright.

@jonne, I’ll post the topic in #community for now,
but it might be worth creating a ‘contests’ category when you have chance.
We can then reuse the category for future contests.

It’s getting quite late here, so I might have to delay thread creation until morning, but if I’ve got time I’ll make the ‘theme suggestions’ thread.


@jonne, @HomineLudens, @FManga, @sbmrgd, @Zockeromi

Operation art contest commences

(It’s nearly 2am, I’m going to sleep.)


Pushed POP file.


Gonna add it to gamedisk13 before release