[Game]Planet Escape [wip]



That depends whether you only need exact button presses or whether you also need ‘edge detection’ for your buttons (i.e. detecting the transition rather than the state),
and whether or not you have C++11 access or you need to support C++03 still.

I tried to look but it seems you don’t actually have the source code posted anywhere,
or if you do it’s not linked to in the main post.




Is that documented anywhere?

If not we really need to update the library documentation, I had no clue that was a thing.


Apparently not. :thinking:


I haven’t uploaded the source yet, but I do intend to release the game as open-source. I was waiting until I considered the game mostly complete, and nobody asked for the source before now so I figured there wasn’t much demand.

Thanks, I need to try this soon.


There might not be beyond me.
I spend more time reading game code than I do actually playing the games.