[Game]Planet Escape [wip]



Wow. Is that really the case? I need to look into this.

Do you get a random result if you switch off and switch on again?


Yes, every time I turn on my Pokitto, the generated terrain is different. It does seem like I get the same world occasionally, but it is definitely randomized, and it’s almost never the same thing twice in a row.


Thanks. In that case I will test also.

@Vampirics - have you set the time of your Pokitto?


I will check when I will be back home. But I am pretty sure I did set it. But let’s say I didn’t it’s not setting itself at something like 12:00 if you don’t set it?


just check the time, switch off and check again after some time.

if time is still same / has not kept time, please report


You were right. The time must have been reseted when the charge was empty.

I think the time should still sets itself at something by default don’t you think?

Anyway it works now.


Update… While I did set the time… For some reason the time isn’t advancing. So it just stay to the time I set forever… Pretty sure it’s not normal right?

Right now the clock is stuck at 22h29.0


Would you be confident with opening up your Arduboy and taking a picture of the board?

I could be totally off but I’ve got a hunch.


No, that is not normal. In fact, I think you may have the same problem as @Phoenix

I suspect the LDO (voltage regulator) for your RTC (real time clock) is not in place.

This is a production issue, and I need to talk to Daniel about it. Mind you only 2 instances of this problem have been found so far. I usually check the clock works before shipping.

Again, you will also get a new board. PM me to make sure I have the right address. (@Phoenix, haven’t gotten to ship your replacement yet, will do it today/tomorrow).


… ok I will open it. Mine came pre built, how do I open it without breaking it? How do you remove the Lego lock pieces?


I can open them with fingers, use a flat (normal, not sharp) to gently pry open the pieces with a table knife if you have problems. Its very easy and difficult to do so badly that you would break anything


A credit card works pretty good to that effect!


@jonne i opened my precious Pokitto, and took a picture, i sent it to you in a PM. I did check if it was like the image that @Phoenix posted but mine seems to be ok.

This is just really weird. i never noticed that problem until now because i never really have to check the time on it.


Well sometimes this things happen, machines also aren’t perfect… Thanks again for this superb service, will wait for the new board.


That’s partly what I was thinking, though I thought that was the only incident, I didn’t realise it was the second.

A non-working clock is almost certain to be a hardware issue either way.

My tool of choice is a metal ruler.
I always start with the bottom left corner to make use of the gap next to the USB port, which I pull open with my fingers at first.

It’s best to open it face down so the buttons don’t fly everywhere.

Hopefully in the future we’ll make a bigger deal of the time so it’s more obvious.
Maybe the time should appear on the headphone screen or something?


@Vampirics @Pharap : this is not the same issue.

I looked at the picture @Vampirics sent and on his board everything looks fine

I really have no idea why @vampirics cloc kun doesn’t work, these two cases are not related. The knocked ldo on @phoenix board is the only case of its kind


A new version has been added to the original post.

I have added a number of new features, including multiple crafting stations and chests!

I think now there is enough content that saving is getting pretty important, so the next step is to add saving. I just wanted to put what I have out now in case the implementation for saving takes a while to finish.

Edit: I added quite a few things, so I forgot that it might be helpful to mention that leaves have a chance of dropping a seedling, which can be planted. If planted on grass, and with enough room, it will eventually grow into a tree!


Can’t wait for saving! Great job so far.


@wuuff , apologies for editing your thread title. I am reorganizing the game projects, and I didn’t want this to get “lost” in history


Man this game is amazing! The only thing that really bothers me (besides saving) is when I try to build under me by jumping and then placing a block, I keep accidentally clipping through walls. Maybe it’s because I’m using the version from the game disk(?) But I can’t test since my internet’s out. Anyways this is a great game, it’s crazy to think that you did it on pokitto.