[Game]PiCross [V1.0]

Oh, i love picross …
And did i mention we still miss a somid pinball game :laughing:?

There’s a reason for that, the physic engine for this alone makes it scary for most people I think :stuck_out_tongue:


My teenage daughter was playing PiCross all the way to the horse riding hobby :slight_smile:

How far did she get? 16x16 puzzles??

Psst. Nuclear reactor simulator

I know you meant a game where you just have to man the controls to stop the reactor overloading, but for some reason I started thinking about a game that simulates the particles decaying and bouncing off each other.

The hard part of a physics engine is actually the collisions.

Detecting squares and circles colliding is easy, but detecting irregular shapes is more difficult (the only solution I’m aware of is the separating axis/hyperplane theorem).
Then actually reacting to the collision is an entirely different problem - “which direction?”, “how fast?” et cetera.

If it’s gravity you’re after though, I’ve got that part covered: :P

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I really like this! A couple of sound fx would be a nice addition,but overall it’s great!

You bet … sound effects would be great but I am having a bugger of a time getting them to work!

Can I take a look at the source?

That’s why we provide the source code :wink:

We also tried to add sound effects in Lode Runner, sounds fine in the emulator but on hardware when a sound is playing it just makes an annoying static noise that never stops…


i will compile also

The source is actually in the main post, but it’s not oneboxed.

I’d like to make a small suggestion, it might be nice to reset the cursor flashing when it is moved. That way it would be a little easier to see where it is while playing.


Could include that with the next update with sound maybe.

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I am not sure I understand … it flashes constantly already. Reset in what way?

Make so that it is always move to the visible part of the flash sequence when it is moved. So it would only flash if not moving.

It seems at least one puzzle can be completed wrongly…

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There’s a couple that can be solved I a different way. We had to choose to make it possible, or to make it impossible even if the player had it right… So we chose to just make it possible even though the image doesn’t match in a few cases


Here is a cut for you … still no sound yet!

PiCross_Pokitto.bin (136.5 KB)

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Much better :slight_smile:

Had a very quick look at the sound, seems like it should work just fine. The title music seems to play OK other than the starting screech, but the in-game music just plays horrible.

PiCross2.raw, PiCross3.raw and PiCross4.raw, are the wrong format.

@filmote try these instead, just unzip them over the root of your sd card replacing the existing files. pc3.zip (4.2 MB)

Using these sounds fine on my Pokitto, the only remaining issue is the starting

Pokitto::Sound::playMusicStream("pc3.raw", 0);

which causes the brief noise before playing.