[Game]Not Dead Yet - Java Compo Entry

StarBat with Captain Mcfly ( yup Back to the Future reference there)


It’s looking good, but there’s still a problem. Where are the undead?

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They’re here! Inside the cars and inside the boats too!

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Added some rotozoomed alert balloon sprites to the boats:



Updated the first post. Unfortunately, I had to cut a large part of the game due to unforeseen circumstances and the game contains a much lower concentration of undead than was intended.
Once the issues are resolved I’d like to bring the dead back in a post-jam update.



The hand-drawn graphics in the intro are just beautiful:-) I like the colors in the game overall, which partially make this game unique. It is also technically impressive to see Hi-Res polygon graphics to run smoothly on Pokitto. The backstory is good and gives motivation to the game. The controls feel fast and responsive.

There could be still more variation in the game. Even if there are enemies, “power rings” and people to pick-up, the playing feels a bit repetitive. Thought, I admit this genre is not my biggest favorite.


  • I would like more open-world that on-the-rails shooter, but that can be technically challenging
  • A boss fight :wink:

I am waiting what the post-jam version will bring to the table!