[Game]Nano Phage Zero

Peek 2020-05-25 13-05

NanoPhageZero-pop.zip (275.4 KB)
NanoPhageZero-bin.zip (269.9 KB)
[Pokitto Punk Jam Entry]

A nobody scrap yard worker stumbles on some mysterious Green Scrap, a tech used and prized highly in the inner City Center.

This tech infects him with the deadly virus Nano Phage. Slowly his body begins to transform into cybernetic replacements due to the nanobots in the virus.

The Nano Phage also begins to give our nobody the power to hack devices as if it were a natural extension of himself.

Go on the adventure to explore and seek out the origins of the Green Scrap and possibly find the cure to the Nano Phage.


  • Multi ending!

at least 3 different endings! Based on skill, hack log completion, and a choice.

  • 3 Hacking mini games!

Use precise input to avoid detection in a Sequence based hacking mini game.
Smash buttons in a brute force race to dominate over the virus!
Program a robot in order to collect keycards for accessing terminals to progress the story.

  • Lots of adventure exploring!

Explore the tower to finish the full Hack Log to discover the full story.

  • Lots of Cyberpunk goodness!


  • “the most annoying game since tetris”

The bin and pop are both uploaded on itch.io in the links below, the sources are on github and all available free open source for use and study. Though I warn the C++ is from an amateur who is learning :slight_smile:

Github for sources: https://github.com/Torbuntu/NanoPhageZero
itch.io page: https://torbuntu.itch.io/nano-phage-zero