Roam a little open world, collect upgrades, and fight robots in this vehicular metroidvania shooter!

mechator-ss1 mechator-ss2
mechator-ss3 mechator-ss4

Genre: open world, shooter, metroidvania
Campaign Length: 45-75 minutes expected on first playthrough

  • Unlock four vehicles to hop in and out of: jeep, tank, boat, and helicopter
  • Around 20 upgrades to find for your vehicles. Various weapons and passive abilities
  • Some world persistence, including partially destructible terrain

Files: mechator-v1.0.zip (1.7 MB)
Instructions: extract contents of the zip to root level of your SD card. Afterward, mechator.pop may be relocated as needed.

Check out @Retr0rob’s gameplay footage of it here: 💥 Pokitto Play: Mechator Will Blow You Away! 💥 - YouTube

Please feel free to comment with any bugs you find, particularly if you hit crashes or softlocks. Also, if you happen to beat it, I’d love to hear your playtime. Enjoy!

Itch page with desktop builds and web player forthcoming.


Wow! Need to reserve some time to try this :slightly_smiling_face:


What a nice christmas gift!! Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to play it!


Also, just a quick note about the name: it’s a reference to Crabator, a game that I really like playing on the Pokitto. I love collecting dollars and getting powerups, so I had wanted to make something in that vein. But then I also like Jackal and Blaster Master, and wanted to borrow ideas from them… So for better or worse, Mechator became what it is.

All that said, if anyone knows Rodot or thinks they wouldn’t appreciate the callout, please let me know. I kind of just started calling it that and it stuck, but didn’t really bother to ask permission or really think too much more about it. I’m happy to come up with another name (or take suggestions!) if it isn’t appropriate.

Very interesting, hope i can try it soon


My little one saw it and he wants to play it, he loves army games like that.


Tried it and it seems to be really well made game. You can build vehicles and that brings variety to the gameplay. You also get some helpful gameplay hints along the way. A very good game for shooter fans!


This is, by far, the best and most polished game i played on the Pokitto. I really appreciate the time you put on this! Thanks!


Really have to catch up. But my mother in law had an accident, so i was a little busy round here

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This is amazing. By far my favourite game on the Pokitto :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: