Game mechanics

If I only would have known about the “Coyote Time” before implementing Matti’s Nightmare…


Another usability improvement would be “Jump/input buffering”. Which means that the game remembers if you try to jump when the hero is not yet landed on ground. So it forgives even if you are pressing the jump button a bit too quickly.

Personally speaking, I agree with this the most:

My desk is littered with paper.

Who is this Case Portman and must I now make acquaintance with his work?

(I have been listening to Sherlock Holmes audiobook all morning)

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ First I’ve heard of them.
Apparently some bloke from up north, in t’ land of tea, white roses and stone walls.

After @Hanski posted two of their posts I had a quick flick through to see if there was anything else notable lying around.

The value of good planning is severely underappreciated I feel.

Fun fact: Arthur Conan Doyle was upset at how popular Sherlock Holmes became because it overshadowed his other works which he felt were much better.

(Similarly Agatha Christie came to dislike writing Poirot books.)

Another great mini-tutorial, “Jump buffering”:


A clever level design explained. This is quite eye opening :slight_smile:


Another useful infographics: Favourable and unfavourable hitboxes:


This explains some of the subjects above with more detail, and add a “sticky walls” mechanic. It even has code snippets: