[Game]Lode Runner V1.0

There is a strategy to each level … imagine playing on this on the Arduboy where you cannot see all of the screen! That’s hard!!

I can not exactly say why this feels so great. The graphics are just so crisp. The Indiana Jones - feeling colour scheme and the small animations… almost as if it were born to be on the Pokitto screen

The difficulty curve is bang on


*Weakly raises hand* I helped. (Admittedly not with the port, but with the original.)

What you are experiencing is called “the @filmote effect”.
It took some time to get here but it’s finally available on the Pokitto.
May the press-play-pocalypse commence.


Yes he did. I also had a couple of testers early on. @pharap has a tribute level at the end of the game (if anyone gets that far).

Next up … Galaxy Fighter (aka Galaga).