[Game]Lode Runner V1.0

Graphics   @vampirics
Code        @filmote

Source       Source Code
BIN             LodeRunner_Pokitto.bin (199.3 KB)

POP           LodeRunner_Pokitto_v1.pop (470.1 KB)
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The classic Broderbund game where you have to gather all the gold treasure before escaping up the ladders to the next level. Watch out for your opponents as they will steal the gold!

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I have to admit, this looks so much better in colour.

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We took our colour queues from the original game … and then Pico8 them.

Although the screen scrolls a little (especially left / right), it i so much nicer being able to see the whole screen.

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If you use digitized sound effects (samples) it is a piece of cake


i’ll give you an example soon

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Both of the games play very well.
But yes, sound effects would made them still better.

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Yup sound will enhance the experience for sure. I also wanted to look into actually have a laser showing when shooting the floors.

That could be cool.

I will try to incorporate the sound effects you have found over the next few days. I want this game to be not WIP :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that game for ages but never really understood it or played it much. It looks great though.

Pretty simple concept, you have to get all the gold pile in the level, when you do a ladder leading to the next level appears and you can go to the next one.

B button shoot the floor on your left and A on your right so that you can trap the incoming opponent in the floor.

Simple but challenging.


OK, we have a new version with some sound effects. I will create a new POP file soon but in the meantime, here is a BIN file.

LodeRunner_Pokitto.bin (199.3 KB)

A big thanks to @jonne. @FManga, @HomineLudens, @spinal, @bl_ackrain, @Hanski and others for getting us over the line with the sounds.


I think I was more an obstacle than actual help this time, but thanks!!! :grinning::+1:

@Vampirics and I are just glad we managed to get some games out on the Pokitto.


I think I will release a new gamedisk for Christmas. You made it just in time!


Here is the latest version Pop file.
LodeRunner_Pokitto_v1.pop (470.1 KB)


New game disk would be great! I sometimes worry I miss the great games if my disk is incomplete!


I have updated the main post with the latest BIN and POP that @Vampirics made.

This is version 1.0 I am expecting bugs and other complaints.


Can I offer compliments instead?

I had 30 min to play this game for real today and it is incredibly good. You and @Vampirics have done a fantastic job.

The game was fascinating on PC but here on a small screen it is even more captivating.

One of the best games ever on Pokitto, no question about it


Thanks … it was definitely one of my favourites on the Apple II

What level did you get to?

I only got to level 7… Not because it was hard, but because it took a while to remember how to play this