[Game]Kong II [V1.0]

A remake of the classic Game and Watch Kong II.

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Graphics    @vampirics
Code          @filmote

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ZIP              Kong-II_POPandMusic.zip (140.8 KB)

The game has two different formats - full screen and zoomed mode to allow you to experience the game as the makers intended or to play it in comfortable, large size!

Installation Instructions

This game consists of a POP file and supporting sound assets packaged in a .zip file. Please expand the contents into a directory on you computer - you will see a POP file and a sub-directory called music. Please ensure both the .POP file and folder are copied to the root directory of your SD card.

Depending on what other games are installed on your Pokitto, you may already have a sub-directory called /music on your machine. If prompted, simply merge the contents of the Kong II directory with the folder already on your machine. The names of the file are unique and should not clash!

Kong-II-Pokitto.bin.1  SC2

Kong-II-Pokitto.bin.3  Kong-II-Pokitto.bin.4

Thanks to @jonne, @Hanski, @FManga for your assistance with the code - especially with the pesky SD sounds. Special thanks to @laamaa for the introduction and victory tunes!

Additional thanks to @tuxinator2009 for adding ‘Game C’ which is designed to test even the best players! It is ridiculously hard but not impossible.


For those interested, this is a port of our Arduboy Arduboy game:



We also have a Kong I game:




Looking very(!) forward to this!

The whole game is complete … except for the sounds which are proving really hard again for me!

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I am sure it will sound as good as it looks finally :wink:

I hope so. Did you play the Arduboy version?

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Of course i did!

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And glad i own three arduboys, because i just can’t stop playing the curse of astarok

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That’s fantastic! @vampirics and I make these games but we hear so little back after about the first week.

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Oh, i do play your games very often. I would make some youtube reviews, but i have so many games in my backlog still, sigh


Help !

I cannot get my introduction sound effects to work properly. All other sound effects play properly but the introduction one sees to have static and it stammers before it gets started. If anyone wants to assist, the code is available here. PM me and I will shoot more information your way.


You mean that sound when you start a game, “Game A”? Are you playing anything at all at that time?

I’d like to be able to help on this one, but sound programming is my mortal enemy.

@filmote what are you compiling with? Femto?

Yes … its that awful screeching noise followed by a stammering effect It occurs even when I play one of the other sounds instead of the introduction. Regardless of which sound I play first, the same thing happens. However the sounds play well later.

And mine it appears!

Yes with Femto V0.1.5.

Any assistance will be gratefully received and duly credited!

@filmote you shall get assistance. I am still in Malaga, but playing Kong right now. Great game, btw!!

As soon as I have a spot of time to hook up a hw debugger, I’ll try to see if I can reproduce the problem and see if I find the reason for it

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@jonne … not a problem and I was sort of hoping someone else might be able to assist. I feel guilty screaming for help with my sounds every time I make a game.

@filmote and @Vampirics do you guys playtest at all?!?!?!?

This is so frigging hard …sanansnafdfssadfasfgsdfgfdg!

Another try.

I am crap at games so I let @vampirics do the play testing. He is really good at games it would seem.

BTW, which bit are you finding hard? I am struggling with the lower line of clappers.