[Game]Joe - PunkJam

Joe is a small child who want’s to become a game developer when he grows up. However before he does that he must complete a quest to find all of the mysterious objects and return them to the village elder.
To aid him on his journey, Joe uses the magicians top hat for something…

Punk Type - 1-bit Punk – Joe’s story takes place in a world where almost every aspect of life has advanced into the modern age, other than the depth of colour in the world. Everything is still 1-bit!


Now uploaded to https://spinal-cord.itch.io/joe as I believe it is ready :slight_smile:

“I like the end and the opening for a sequel… i laughed out loud at…” - @Vampirics
“Didn’t run into any bugs as far as I’ve played.” - @torbuntu
“That is so cool! Keep it a secret for as long as you can.” - @jonne
“The music, the graphics, the story, very nice indeed” - @Hanski
“Joe is one of, if not the, most well-rounded games ever on Pokitto” - @jonne


MagiBitPunk :smiley:? I’m intrigued already.

Distracted myself already drawing things I don’t need…



Back story for intro done, I need to top putting of the level design…


Some of you may have noticed that the text there is anti-aliased. That took some figuring out. With a lot of help from @FManga, I got a custom font, which was initially 3 colours, split it into 3 single colour fonts (because that’s what pokitto uses) then layered them using direct text. It might not be the best approach, but it sure was fun figuring it out!


That is clever!


Just thinking… that way you are using 3 sprites for each letter. If you are short on sprites with a lot of text, maybe it’s a better idea to have a custom print function that uses the font with 3 colours (or whatever colours).

Anyway, it looks cool!

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No, because he’s using direct print in the HUD instead of sprites.


@spinal , changed title to [Devlog] so that I can write a sript later to pick them up

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Today I managed to get some of the animations working. This was fairly straight forward to do. I simple added a reference tile to my map, then upon loading the map into memory, if that tile was discovered, I assigned a sprite to its position and animated the sprite.


I’m not sure if it needs the black border around the liquid tiles or not. Plenty of time to decide though.


This looks really cool so far.

Personally I think the black border helps add a tiny ‘bit’ of depth.


Very little progress in the past couple of days. Switched to the ‘file’ library for SD access, making it much easier and less buggy to run in emulator. Also fixed a couple of collisions, meaning I can now have situations where the player can jump through some tiles but not others, which is handy.


What are you reading from sd card? Music?

Yeah, my background music is streaming.

Could you kindly post a snippet of code? Trying now but seems not to work with emulator.

I don’t know how how to get music working with the emulator, if at all possible. Currently streaming works on hardware but not emulator. The way I was testing before changing the file library it was crashing the emulator, now it doesn’t.

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Are you reading more than 512 bytes at a time? There’s a bug in the emulator when the File lib tries to read large chunks of data at once.

I’m currently reading exactly 512 bytes. I hear that’s the fastest way :slight_smile:

I seem to have a nice drip going on, no sprite collisions yet so it’s harmless…