Jetpack is a platformer inspired by the 90’s Jetpack for MS-DOS.
i have made ythis game for the Python Coding Competition using the Online Python Editor (https://pyinsky.herokuapp.com).

Jetpack_v1.1.pop (452.5 KB)
Jetpack_v11.bin (175.9 KB)

Source Code:
Jetpack_v11.zip (97.8 KB)

You are a daring adventurer in search of precious gems. with your trusty Jetpack your quest is to take all the gems without getting killed. collect treasure along the way to earn extra lives. Find fuel to make your search easier. There is five different types of enemies will try to put an end to your quest.

All the levels are made within the editor with the inline sprite editor so you can easily add or edit levels just check the file levels.py for help

Level editor


@bl_ackrain , I switched the logo title and the gif around because the PHP script on pokitto.com/games page picks up the first image in the thread, and it needs to be the .gif file

Thanks for making the thread!

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Wow! The sounds really make the game more alive :slight_smile:

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I used the online editor to make two new graphics themes with three levels each.


Jetpack and the Holy Grail - You are on a search for the Holy Grail. Unfortunately the people of the castle have left goblets with red strawberry juice in them all over the place. Only way to find the right one is to taste them all.

Binary: jetpack_v11-grail.bin (174.5 KB)
Source: jetpack_v11-grail.zip (13.4 KB)

Jetpack: Matrix - Your mission is to release people from their pods. When everyone has been disconnected from the Matrix, you can use the telephone booth to exit to the next level.

Binary: jetpack_v11-matrix.bin (174.5 KB)
Source: jetpack_v11-matrix.zip (13.2 KB)


both of them look super great!!

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I’m really liking the game but after a minute or so whatever the last button I pressed “sticks”

Pop file added for the Kraken Loader