Game Jam teamup: Java of the Dead

Looking for teamup


  • Java programmer
  • Pixel artist
  • Music composer

Base game concept is about a zombie maid café. Main gameplay loop to service incoming clients and clean up any trails of blood and spills.

Concept art and art style:

:arrow_right: zmaid

To team up you can DM me.


Hi! That could be a fun project - and game as well!

By the way, what would be your own role in that team?


I was going to do some more pixel art but the amount of detail im trying is kind of time consuming/draining with animations. so aditional help there is welcome.
Would like to do programming but the language and library are not something im fermiliar with.

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That zombie waitress is cute.

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There seems to be no interest in making the game sadly.

Hold your horses. Weekends are not a good time to pitch anything. The activity levels are way down at that time.

I think a little more info on the gameplay would help.


As jonne said, it’d help to have some more info on the gameplay, like, some mockup screens or something, the general genre as well (I’m not sure if that’s a management simulation where you give order or that’s more an arcade one where you actually control a maid, maybe both?), some optional ideas (e.g. really messy, boss-like clients, different stats for differents waitress) and various things (e.g. clients have timer before they go away)!

I am interested myself -I have yet to do something on the pokitto haha- but my time is pretty focused on other fields so quite limited. Also I didn’t check the java lib, thought I should be OK with the language itself. I’ll try to make the visualization exercise for this game tho!

Yes. It depends a lot of the gameplay. I have one own idea, but being able to share work is tempting.

Im hoping to get feedback and collaborate. Seen in the past that taking full control over it is never great and i prefer getting input from the other developers.
but here is my current idea that i DM to @wuuff.

im thinking of the current sprite as a beat em up / brawler view. so you get up down left right movement but the spite is displayed on the side view to show off all the detail. i was wondering if the bloods and gore would be a texture that gets painted in memory so its persistent and steps would show up. the idea is that you need to keep the area clean but you also use the guts left as a potential bloody ingredient.
the main tasks is to greed new customers and they will say what they want. might need to mesmerize recurring clients asking for there favorite or “the regular”. getting items in the back and some light management and crafting system (to be determent how that looks). im not sure how the rest should work in terms of cleaness or speed of order taking/satifaction. i dont want to overdo it with the complexity wich i think im already hitting

This is my extended pitch and i would be glad to hear everyone’s idea.


I get the idea its something like (Tapper)

Exactly nothing like that.
i loosly was thinking more in the vain of recettear’s shop section.

or this game called moonlighter

please dont take these to heart to copy. just the general idea around them


I wonder what the action/puzzle games genre is called? The kind of games that play like puzzles but require tight timing

you mean tetris?

I’ve got moonlighted, I love the look and general idea but it disappointed me with the randomly generated dungeons.

just to again to clearify. not copying moonlighted or recettear. not doing dungeons or anything just a similar thing as the shop but with serving clients in a café.

we going way of topic here.

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I still like the Tapper kind of games, serving braainz freezes.


I cannot wait to see the game personally I like the idea of a game simulating a servers job.

Ok, looks like an interesting idea. I can join to the team as a programmer :slight_smile: I save my own idea for the future.

I will send you PM.


The project had the coders already so I can proceed with my own game.

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