[Game Idea] TCG For Pokitto


I think the block text is too thick and too uniform. You can probably get away with half the thikness (or even just cut off one pixel of thickness) and make the blocks vary in length.

Once I am back home tonight I can do a little mockup.


That’s twice now - clearly I’ve accidentally developed telepathy :P.
~I detect that you are hungry and possibly about to have lunch~

Glad you said this, otherwise I might not have noticed for several hours. Just finished replying.


Status Update:

I currently have 90 more cards that needs to have their artwork finished, so if you know any pixel artists, please help spread the word!

Also, I have 6 more cards to be designed out of 120! I have an idea of what some of them may do, but if you have any cool effects you like from other card games, let me know because they might fit into mine.

I went through and re-worded a lot of cards to make them more understandable as well as uniformed in language.


Welp, I guess I could help with pixel art. I’m somewhat decent at it, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Do I need to fill out a form or something? Or can I just make it and send it to you?


Yeah, fill this out and I’ll get a hold of you!! :smiley:


Blue was always the worst color.


So far, got 30 card images back!


Looks fun already! Nice work of contributors :slight_smile:

Btw. Unbelievable that you got so many contributors for free. Some time ago I was trying to get even one graphics designer to draw graphics to my Android game, but did not find any (revenue sharing). I have now lost interest to the game in question, and code just for Pokitto nowadays :wink:


Yeah, same here. Nice to see pokitto appeals to pixel artists enough for them to contribute for free :wink:


I can’t speak for the others, but I care more about credit/recognition than monetary compensation.
As long as my name’s in the credits (and perhaps if there’s enough space/time, in the card’s description*), then I’m happy.

To know that three of those designs are mine and that perhaps there will be people for whom I have done the artwork** for their favourite card is reward enough.

I’m envious of some of the other cards though, mine are very simplistic and lacking in detail by comparison.

* I think it would be good to have each card description feature a “card art by x” line so everyone gets credited for their individual card designs.

** If you can call it that, I’m not a very good artist.


Yeah, I think the appeal of having your name in the credits is a big deal for some people, especially people new to making pixel art. And the difference between sprites for my game and most other games is that most games require an entire sprite sheet for a single character, environmental assets, and UI assets. The only thing I’m asking from people is for 1~4 sprites that have nothing to do with each other. They aren’t character models or character sprites, but just pixel art.


Yes, you are right. Just drawing a couple of small bitmaps is certainly less work and more fun than making graphics for an entire game. And you do not have to be a pro as it is free.


This is a great grid! I like seeing the different styles and the ways people worked with the limited color palette.


UPDATE: This game is now called Warring Hands! I’ve started work on it!

This game is based off of a bigger game I’ve been planning for a few years. The PC version will have online play and such. Because of that, I think I want to create a Discord channel, but I’ll also have a section for the Pokitto/Gamebuino Meta version so people can share strats and stuff.


Hey there! Are you planning on doing Circuit dude for the Pokitto please?? Love that game!


‘Link Battle’

Oh my :slight_smile: