[Game Idea] TCG For Pokitto


I want to avoid any naming like that since it won’t be similar to Pokemon, but it will have similar mechanics to the card game.


In that case, since it’s based on a TCG… PCG for Pokitto Card Game!

You could go with something like PCG Creatures, PCG Fighter, PCG Masters, etc.


i dont think the game is tied down to the pokitto platform in any way so it might be best to have an original name

though going for bad name ideas μcg


It might be a cool idea to embrace the game’s micro scale. :slight_smile:


I am currently looking for pixel artists! If you think you’d like to contribute a sprite or two, lemme know and fill out this form! :smiley:


Some mock-up for some of the cards that I’ve managed to work on.

WIP Template:

Slime Nectar:



Portrait orientation?


You’re probably already planning to do this, but just in case you weren’t or hadn’t gotten that far:
instead of storing the whole card image I’m pretty sure the symbols on the card could be drawn programmatically (i.e. at runtime) onto a card template using stored information about the card.


Haha! Absolutely! No sense drawing them and then having to go back and change all of them over again.


Mock-Up for the battle screen. Still plenty of room to mess with, but I think everything will fit comfortably.


most of it looks realy good, not sure about the mock texts lines

to give the hearthstone example you dont have to conform to a physical card and can have it layed out in a simpler way thats easy to read
rough example


Well, I don’t want the cards to be different sizes. Some use more space than others and having some signifying icon or something to show that there’s text (an effect) associated with a particular attack or card is important to me. At least more important than the name of the attack.

Also, some cards have 2 attacks and even an effect, so there’s a lot of vertical space that could be used. An example would be Shadow Wisp.


I agree with adetko, the text looks kinda meh. It would be better to just use block lines to symbolize text: (sorry, that is the best example I could find quickly) :stuck_out_tongue:

@crait - do you still need some pixel art? I have seen a post somewhere about it… I can probably make two or three pieces.


@VonBednar makes a good point.

If you do want or need more card art, you could always post the specs here and allow a few of us to have a go at it, with your favourites being selected to go in the game.

(The specs being the image dimensions and the exact RGB values of the colour palette.)

As for card rules/abilities, I am uncertain whether that should be something for us to come up with or whether it would be better for you to decide as you probably know the rules and how things should balance better than we do.


taking a cue from old yu gi oh games i remember you could pull the card details and info and even a bit of flavour text all from a full screen inspector but on the board itself it was all icons and numbers


Yes, if you’re interested in contributing, shoot me an e-mail: crait.is@gmail.com

Basically, I’m having people pick a few from the list of cards that aren’t being worked on.

Technical specs are: DB16 palette and 64x48 resolution.

Yeah, I probably should come up with the abilities and stuff, unless you have a great idea for a card. Feel free to post any ideas you come up with and we’ll see if they can fit in. There are a few cards that still need to have abilities finalized for them.


I tried doing block text… Not sure if I like it. Do you guys think it looks better?


I personally think screen space should be used for information. Now that you have the block text, it does not look right to me.

How about scrolling text?


I like the original squiggles or actual text, but after seeing the blocked out text I agree I don’t particularly like it.

I think squiggles for the in-play view and maybe an option to view the whole card larger to read its effect text.

Here’s some screencaps of what the Yugioh GBA games do for example:

The board itself is pretty minimalist:

The full image of the card is shown when battle occurs or effects activate:

And then there’s an option to read the card text in full so you understand what it does:

I think this is a pretty good formula.


I want to display as little text as I can on the preview of the card.

Yes, this is exactly what I plan on doing. There’s a view where the cards are ‘on the field,’ and they’re just going to be little icons. You can hover over them and see a preview, which is what this is supposed to represent. Once you see the card you want to inspect, you push the start button to view a full-screen mode that lets you read each block of text, like this.

Same. :open_mouth: I think I’ll try to play around with the squiggles until it looks a bit nicer.

@Pharap, I e-mailed you, by the way.