[Game Idea] TCG For Pokitto

Hey, guys. I haven’t posted much, but those who are on the Arduboy forums know who I am.

Anyway, I’m working on a few different projects, including my game, Circuit Dude, which I just put onto Steam. One of the projects I have in the pipeline is a TCGO, or online trading card game. This game will be similar to Hearthstone in the sense that you can play online, but the mechanics will be similar to Pokemon TCG and MtG, with a fun and zany twist.

Anyway, I’m considering making a watered down version for the Pokitto. The gameplay will be very similar to the Pokemon TCG for GBC; You’ll be able to make your own deck and possibly play against the Pokitto.

The game would have around 300 cards- These cards would be all stored on the SD card and be loaded as they are played a sort of script so that the bulk of the game’s size would be logic and possibly NPC logic.

The cards will fall into one of a few categories: Mana cards, Ability cards, Monster cards, and Enchantment cards. You can play 1 mana per turn and use these mana to play creatures, abilities, and enchantments. You have 8 spaces on the board that you can fill with enchantments and monsters. Enchantments generally make your creatures stronger and abilities typically have a specific effect that lasts only momentarily.

During your turn, you can choose creatures to defend and creatures to attack. Your attacking creatures can attack your opponent’s defending creatures and when there are no more creatures assigned to defend, the opponent can be attacked directly. Assigning creatures to attack costs mana, as well. Whenever any player is attacked enough and their life points are drained, then they lose.

I have already designed 600 cards of the full version, and have a good idea of which cards the Pokitto version will have.

My question is, if I go through and finish working on this game, would this be the type of game that you would want to play?

EDIT: Since I don’t have a Pokitto, yet, I have been developing this for my Palm M500, just because it’s an interesting device. :smiley:


That sounds absolutely great! 300 cards! Sure, I would play it on Pokitto.

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what exactly makes it watered down?

A lot of types of cards simply won’t be possible on the Pokitto. The stack could get way too crazy, so there’s no instants or interrupts so that aspect of the game will be similar to the Pokemon TCG as well as the attacking mechanic.

idk anything like a physical card game will probably work on the pokitto

How come? They already made a Pokemon TCG for the GB that had all the same rules as the physical game.

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idk what your saying, what is making the poktto version watered down from the original tgc your making?
pokemon tcg, yugioh and magic the gathering all have versions on relatively low end hardware

I don’t know any low-end version of MtG out there. Also, my game, Circuit Dude, originally started as a basic version on the Arduboy. If I hadn’t received as much encouragement, I would not have put it onto PC. If I make this game and no one likes it, I will save a lot of time by not making the PC version that likely won’t be fun, either.

theres like magic for like win95 wich apart from allot images isnt doing much
also you can write the logic of the game to run on both pokitto and desktop

Do you have a link to info on the game? I can’t really find anything on it…

Besides, I don’t want to remake a game… I’d like to make my own. :smiley:

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im not saying remake, just saying card games dont need allot of hardware to do the logic
and images and description you realy want to hand over to the sd card

i still think you can basicly write the game for pokitto an use the same code to run in an opengl desktop game with only modifying the graphics code

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Thanks for the link! Definitely took a look.

Just a quick update… I’ve gotten most of the cards and the game fleshed out. I still need to sit down to start programming, but I have a good idea of how I can make it work the best, programically.

I am currently looking for some pixel artists to help do card artwork. Right now, I’m going to start with 120 cards in the game… I’ll probably need like 80 pixel artists to do 1 or a few sprites. I’ve already talked to a few, but as soon as I get a list of cards ready for the public as well as a ruleset, I’ll be reaching out to more. If anyone in the forums wants to help do a sprite or two, lemme know.

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im down for some sprites what sizes where you looking at?

I really think that the same size of Pokemon TCG sprites would work, but I may want 64x54. Not super certain at this point. What do you think? Too small for the Pokitto screen?

If you’re interested in making a few, send me a PM and I’ll give you a list of cards for you to pick from. :smiley:

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regarding ‘old’ magic, theres always this:

Some of the pokitto screen modes are double pixel size. I bet it’s possible to do lower resolution than that.

Definitely knew about that. I love Wololo. XD He’s done so much for the PSP homebrew scene. It’s crazy.

Okay, so, I have 103/120 of the first cards done. These cards can be looked at, here. Most cards have placeholder names, but this is easily the least important part of the card game and will be relatively easy to finish. Meanwhile, I have gotten about 6 or so sprites in from people so far, and I’m really digging them.

I am still looking for a name for my game, but I have a few ideas. Once I have the name sorted out, I’ll make a new thread and start coding, along with post at the top for rules, finalized cards, etc.

The game still needs formalized rules, but here’s the gist of it…

  • Gameplay is similar to Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon TCG.
  • Players start at 25 Life Points and take turns trying to lower the opponent’s LP to 0. First to 0 loses.
  • During your turn, you can play 1 energy card, which will generate one energy of 4 different types.
  • The different types are, Royal, Horror, Beast, and Magic. Out of 120 cards, there are 30 of each type.
  • You can use these energies to pay for playing Creatures, Abilities, and Enchantments. The energy regenerate at the beginning of each of your turns.
  • Creatures defend you from being attacked, which is the main way for your Life Points to be depleted. These creatures remain on the field until their health reaches 0.
  • Abilities are played and have an instant effect on the match to benefit a player in some way.
  • Enchantments are played and remain on the field and have a continuous effect, until they are destroyed.
  • Creatures can sometimes have an additional effect, as well.
  • Each turn, a player can designate any number of his creatures as defending and chose to attack with any number of creatures.
  • Creatures must attack and defeat all defending creatures in order to attack an opponent, directly.
  • Attacks have energy costs, as well.
  • Attacks can sometimes have special effects, as well.
  • One common effect is stunning another creature.
  • If a creature is stunned, it cannot attack and cannot be designated as defending.
  • Stunned creatures can be the targets of attacks, but do not need to be destroyed in order to attack an opponent directly.
  • A creature being stunned, like a lot of other temporary effects, go away at the end of the creature’s owner’s turn.

A Pokemon style game on the Pokitto, how about…

Pokitto-mon or Pokit Monsters