[Game]Galaxy Fighter [V1.0.2]

Version 1.0 of this game is finished. If you are planning to install it, please read the instructions on the sound files that accompany the POP. You need to copy these into a specific location (/music) on your Pokitto’s SD card.



A small correction: the .pop file.
Also the pop file can also be in a subdirectory, like “Arcade”.

I love this game :slight_smile: It is not too hard , which is good as I am far from a hardcore gamer. Only that my right thumb is killing me. Autofire could be nice!

Edit: My high is 139k points, which is a crappy result :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , but the main thing is that I had a lot of fun!


Thanks for the correction - I have fixed the original listing.

I am not a hardcore gamer either and 139K is a good score for me. I am not sure what level that equates to but the enemies drop more destructive bombs as you progress through the game. They Butterfly also starts off taking only one hit to be killed but upgrades to a more powerful enemy after level 8 or 9.

I gave it a try and it looks and plays great!

However I have encountered a small bug it seems: the high scores are not saved.

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That seems like a really large bug! It was working on my machine but then I deleted the cookies and now it does not work!

Edit: I have updated the download files with a fix. Sorry about that!


V1.0.2 released - minor fix to the explosion sound.