[Game]Dark Ritual [V1.1.0]


Dark Ritual

You are Zakarël, the leader of the Moon cult. You and all your followers have been murdered and your souls have been trapped in a underworld hell by one of the dark gods. Even dead your soul is willing to fight its way back, ascend and bring back you and your followers to life.

Graphics    @vampirics
Code          @filmote
Music          @raphaelespindola
Tester         @tuxinator2009

Source        Source Code
ZIP              DarkRitual_V1.1.zip (2.7 MB)

Installation Instructions

This game consists of a POP file and supporting sound assets packaged in a .zip file. Please expand the contents into a directory on you computer - you will see a POP file and a sub-directory called music. Please ensure both the .POP file and folder are copied to the root directory of your SD card.

Depending on what other games are installed on your Pokitto, you may already have a sub-directory called /music on your machine. If prompted, simply merge the contents of the Dark Ritual directory with the folder already on your machine. The names of the file are unique and should not clash!

RogueBoy_Pokitto.bin.2   RogueBoy_Pokitto.bin.3

Pic3   Pic4

Pic6   Pic7

Pic8   Pic9

Thanks to @tuxinator2009 for play testing the game and offering valuable feedback.

Level Editor

We are also proud to announce the release of a level editor to go with Dark Ritual. This tool will allow you to alter the levels that come with the game or to add your own!



Awesome! I like it already :wink:
Can’t wait to put my hands on the level editor!

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Wow!!! Looking awesome!!

edit : pokitto mag 2 cover?

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Looks exciting :slight_smile:

The level editor is quite flexible - all of the tiles and sprites are loaded from a configuration file and could easily be adapted for other games. It is windows based and written in C# and will be released under a MIT licence for all to play with!

You would have to ask @Vampirics if he has a high-resolution version of this game.

Thanks … we’ll see what @tuxinator2009 thinks of it. After yesterday’s effort, I value his feedback!



What on earth for?

I want pixels the size of mangoes ! :mango: :mango:

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Oh … then you got 'em!

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Ofcourse, an oil painting of the game is also acceptable, as seen on old game boxes. Remember to let varnish cure for 3-4 months before scanning



I have a certain feeling that i will love it :laughing::wink:

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The editor is written in C#, so I’m not sure how well it will play with Mac and Linux.

I mentioned that before anyone moaned and groaned that it is Windows only. I wonder if you can use Wine to get it to work on Linux or MacOS?

Is it winForm or wpf based?
The first works most of time with mono.

WinForms … so could work.

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So you did.

People actually use WPF? :P

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Good question. I’m so addicted to winForm that I keep procrastinating on apply to wpf.
Blazor seems the new way to go anyway.
Totally off topic, I know.

Version 1.0 is ready to go. Please follow the install instructions to copy the POP and sound files to your Pokitto.



… There goes my magazine cover :sob:

Guys, you have to learn this. Game launches are events. Every big game release has to be hyped properly before release.

It’s your game and you’re ofcourse free to do as you see fit, but hey, I would just like to make everything bigger on purpose (Dark Ritual T-shirts etc)

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Oh? You can hide the thread then for a while.

You can read about Dark Ritual in the new Mag!


This is awesome, I love the art and atmosphere! I seem to have gotten myself stuck on level 15, where I somehow locked myself behind some doors and none of the switches I have tried will open any of them. It seems unintentional because there’s no option to restart a level, and I didn’t die when the level timer ran out.

One thing I also noticed was that it was easy to accidentally dismiss the help messages from cultists in the help area, because you’re supposed to scroll down instead of press A to advance the text. I pressed A on the first help message and the cultist vanished with no way to view the message again. Maybe the cultists could not disappear in the help area?