[Game]Cutie Critters



Exactly my thoughts.


So, now my PC finished it’s updates and i finally could load the new version. It’s a lot better now and was already a very nice game before.
I really would appreciate something similar for Rayne…


Not too sure what you mean. Rayne 2 does have sound…


Hm, it does have sound in the intro, but it doesn’t have in the labyrinth for me?!
Ok, that’s weird - did start it again today and i have sound?!


does have sound on mine :astonished: , and pretty good sound at that


Hm, glad i always copy my sd cards from time to time.
Can’t reproduce the issue…
Maybe it was just too loud round me yesterday :laughing:


Love the game, the brown guy (I’ll call him Meesor PooPoo) is a little hard to see and what exactly is happening when I press b ? Would be neat if each critter had a special effect if you cleared a lot of them at once