[Game] Christmas Gift Wrapper

Hello Pokitto Community! This is a Christmas gift for you :slight_smile:

The game can be played on Pokitto HW, in Linux or in Windows.

Matti has managed to get a part time job in the Korvatunturi fell in Lapland. Press the buttons shown in the Christmas bubbles in the correct order to help Matti to make the gift box ready. Try to be quicker than Katti the elf and grow the pile of boxes. If the pile is high enough, you can achieve a higher skill level, even up to the ‘Santa Claus’ level!

Update your best score to the list here: [HIGHSCORE] Christmas Gift Wrapper


Pokitto Binary

GiftWrapper.zip (67.4 KB)

  • Unzip the game and flash it to the Pokitto HW

For running in Linux

  • Download the Pokitto Linux emulator here: PokittoEmu-linux-x86_64.AppImage
  • Allow the AppImage file to be runnable in Linux
  • Run the game from the command prompt by giving the full absolute filepath of the GiftWrapper.zip file as a parameter. E.g. like this:
    ./PokittoEmu-linux-x86_64.AppImage /home/hannu/Downloads/GiftWrapper.zip

For running in Windows

  • Download the Pokitto Windows emulator here: pokittoemu-windows-i686.zip
  • Unzip the emulator to a folder e.g. c:\temp\PokittoEmu\
  • Copy the GiftWrapper.zip to that same folder
  • Start the game like this: PokittoEmu.exe GiftWrapper.zip

Tested it with Windows emu too! Updated the main post.